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You are definitely correct in that Apple would have a very serious seller on their hands there.  The reality is however, that I don't think Apple could even pull that off right now if they wanted to.  I don't know just how much markup there is on the MBA lineup, but I seriously doubt there is enough to support a new 14" model at the same price point as the current 11" entry model.
  Yeah.  If only a had a couple grand laying around I would love to get a nice 13" MBA and a T-Bolt display, but alas no.
Personally, I use Slacker. It's a love/hate relationship because the app is way to unstable with there being literally hours at a stretch when it simply won't launch. However, it does have the ability to cache your stations to your local device and therefore not have to stream the content. This is great for instance when I'm driving or working out and don't have a Wifi connection when I don't want to stream content and use up my bandwidth. I'll be completely sold if...
  They aren't going to premium charge this for the aesthetic design changes, they are going to premium charge this because it's a premium piece of hardware.  I mean just take a look at the hardware and try to price out some of these components.  I bought a Mac Pro 5 years ago and it was almost $3000 and that was for a very much low end model.  I figure the starting price on this is going to be in the same $3000 neighborhood and that's not going to have anything to do with...
  They did.  It costs about $1000 and includes a beautiful 27" display.
As mentioned by SDW...  Let's not forget about small businesses getting hit with the $2000/worker Obamacare tax.  Many small businesses are already looking at how to reduce their workforce to avoid what would be a minimum of $100k in new taxes on them due to Obamacare.  SDW is right about the cumulative impact of raising taxes and the healthcare mandate.   If you were to look at a hypothetical company with 50 employees making $5 million in profit that is taxed... ...
  If the world is sighing about anything, I think it's the fact that it's over.  One way or the other, it's over. 
I had a Newcastle from one of their little 5 liter kegs with dinner.  Yum!!!
  I hope for all of our sakes that this is what happens.   Nice to see that you can be gracious in victory.
  OK...  Could you post the video demonstrating uncontrollable temper?  The video you posted did seem to illustrate frustration and annoyance, but hardly anything I would describe as an uncontrollable temper.  Even if you do perceive it that way, do you seriously think that a person is going to react/behave the same way with a morning radio host as they would with foreign diplomats?
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