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Definitely planning on upgrading from my 3GS to the 5 this summer. Just wondering if the slide out keyboard rumor is true or not. Also wondering if there is going to be any faster or broader frequency support for data. Seems to be an exciting tech summer for me. Upgrading to Lion on the Mac Pro and new MBP. New iPhone, and love the idea of a larger screen. Fun stuff. I'd be wishing it were June now if we didn't have a cruise coming up in May.
I can handle my own, but if it would take care of my son's that would be nice.
Bingo!!! Having just bought a new 15" MBP this past weekend I'm absolutely looking forward to this. Plug in power and the Thunderbolt and that's it. Right now plugging in my work laptop at home I'm plugging in 4 different cables (Ethernet, power, monitor, and USB keyboard).
Well... Apple can test all they want, but no matter how thorough they are nothing is going to catch bugs like millions of real world users.
The biggest problem for me is tethering to the new MBP that we got on Friday. The wife is using the new MBP for work and tethering it thru her iPhone 4. Today is the first day that she has been using it and she says that when she opens the MBP and wakes it up from sleep it takes up to 5 minutes to pickup the Wifi hotspot from her phone. I'm thinking that I'll try and figure out the Bluetooth tethering again tonight. I couldn't get this working yesterday as the phone...
The same thing that constitutes a Big Mac, McNuggets, the fries, shakes, and everything else they sell... McSTUFF!!! Just inject it into the appropriate mold, add color, and viola.
Correction: Cingular came from a merger between Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems and Bell South Mobile (Not sure if that was the actual Bell South name). Southwestern Bell then bought Bell South and shortly thereafter AT&T. SouthWestern Bell then dropped the SW Bell name in favor of ATT (which no longer stands for American Telephone & Telegraph, but funny how they use both ATT and AT&T today) Now we are back to AT&T Wireless. There could be another correction to...
Not that I know anything really about the FCC and how these decisions are made, but I would be surprised if ATT came this far down this path without being pretty confident about it getting approval. As to Sprint, personally I would think that the FCC may allow the T-Mobile sale but this would probably kill any possibility of either ATT or Verizon buying Sprint since this really would create a duopoly. Who really knows though... It's all political, and it will all boil...
If you're seriously concerned about this, then I would say renew your T-Mobile contract now. That would price lock you for probably 2 years. Not a great solution, but it could be helpful.
It's really a matter of geography I think as much as anything else. I mean the UK is maybe the size of Florida? Companies here in the states have a MUCH larger landmass to service, and this makes the networks vastly more expensive to implement and maintain.
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