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I have an older Mac Pro that I recently tossed an SSD into for Windows 7 gaming, and it really screams. I was considering another SSD for the Mac side of the system, but will probably wait for Lion for that anyway. We are also considering a Mac Air. Is there no TRIM support for the SSDs in these systems?
What "they" are you referring to exactly? I don't even see the "old" iPads on the Apple Store any longer. They are going to sell out the current stock, most likely at the current price point, and then roll out the iPad 2. If someone is blind enough to buy an iPad in the next week, then that's pretty dumb.
Why do I bother with the Trolls??? How exactly is the Xoom so much better? The processors are comparable at least, and the iPad 2 processor will probably perform better than the Tegra 2. No word on memory on the iPad 2 yet, but it's either going to be 512MB or I would think 1GB which would be a match for the Xoom. Display resolution is almost the same, only a slight edge for the Xoom. Camera specs aren't out yet, but I would guess they will be a wash. The price is...
I have to disagree with you on the sales cannibalization. Personally, I've wanted a MBP for a couple of years now, but having recently looked at the Air and taking a seriously look as to what I NEED a laptop for rather than what I WANT a laptop for, the Air is looking better and better to me. The iPad, which I have one of, on the other hand fills a completely different niche. Now, all that said, when my Mac Pro dies which is hopefully still a couple years away, I'm be...
If this was Obama's meeting, I would hope that the attendees take whatever advice he had to offer and run AWAY from it. I'm sure this was an opportunity for Obama to disparage the companies for sitting on billions in cash reserves. It would be nice if Obama would take some advice from these industry leaders and get off the back of US businesses. Now back to the more general feel of this thread. Here's hoping to a fully recovery for Steve.
Not a chance. If Apple makes it that far, the iCar will be driving us. The steering wheel will be just another option on the iCar.
Personally, I'd like to not have to charge my iPhone every day. Be nice if I could charge it only once every couple days or once a week with even heavy usage. I agree that the MBP has great battery life, at least as advertised since I don't have one, but I think this has much more immediate benefits for the iPhone and iPad products.
Honestly I think the best option for Apple is to offer options. For those who are really attached to the internal optical drive, leave that as an option. I think the majority of folks though would prefer to cannibalize the optical drive space for more battery and/or a second HDD. Personally, I like the option of say a 128GB SSD for the OS and then todd in a 512GB or 1TB HHD in place of the optical. There should even be some leftover room to expand the battery into the...
OK, seriously? Do you really think you are going to notice anything in performance by striping SSD drives or are you planning this simply for having a 1TB single logical drive?
I definitely am not planning on upgrading my iPad at this time. About the only thing that might change that has nothing to do with the iPad2 features. If a little side project I'm starting on were to outpace my wildest dreams, I would need a 3G iPad for testing. I would also need an iOS developer, but I have a decent line on that already.
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