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Seconded... I still find it really hard to believe that people are in such a tizzy about this. Just buy a stinking case and be done with it. You're still going to be getting the best damn phone on the market today. Just pony up $25 and stop all the stupid whining. Sorry about that. I'm normally not quite so blunt, but this has just gone on way too long. If the antenna is such a huge deal breaker, then don't buy the phone. Otherwise, buy a case and shut up already.
Please explain how this is "millions of people" when Apple recently stated that they have only sold 1.7 million phones. Assuming they have sold another few 100k phones since that announcement, we have to then assume that every single phone user has complained to someone posting on the message boards. This is purely ridiculous. Could it be tens of thousands of users? Sure. Maybe even a couple 100k, but millions? Get real, and at least give your exaggeration a bit of a...
Since we are talking about a lawsuit here, I would expect a judge would ask you just how many of your "several hundred iOS only apps" were bought after you upgraded to the 4? I can pretty much guarantee that you aren't going to be getting much judicial sympathy for have to "live with your 3GS". I would agree with most of the other reasonable posts here. The phone has been out for less than a week. How about we give Apple a little time to devise a fix for the problem? ...
Really??? I may have to run out and lunch and see what the lines look like at ATT stores today that are selling the 4 to the general public for the first time today. I'm pretty sure that any "halting" sales will be due to the fact that they are sold out rather than concern over this antenna issue or Jobs pissing off customers.
Please bear this in mind as honest curiosity and nothing more. You seem to be an ideal tester of the idea since you are having such frequent call drops. Do you have any kind of case or "bumper" on your phone? If not, any chance you can get one to see if it really does resolve the issue or if there is maybe more going on here than just the antenna problem. I suspect that this also has to due with the expected iOS 4.01 rumor about frequency switching since I seem to be...
Yeah, Jobs' answer was definitely not the best, but really... You think the antenna issue is going to be what slows down sales? I seriously doubt that. Sales are going to slow down over the next couple weeks simply due to a lack of supply. I like Apple as a company, but this review was WAY over the top and I'm definitely not that much of a fanboy. That said however, I have confidence that Apple will have a software fix for the bulk of the issues and if there are some...
This doesn't sounds quite right to me. I seem to be having more connection issues with my 3GS upgraded to 4.0 than my wife is having with her new 4. I'm just hoping that an update will help with the "breaking up" and dropped calls that I'm having now. The wife has also been dropping a lot of calls since getting her new 4.
Personally, I'm just waiting for the Otterbox case for the new iP4. Once that one comes out, the bumper goes back and that goes on. Really need to get one for my 3GS also. Just need to go check out where I can get one, and the colors. Not really a big fan of white which is the only color I've actually seen so far.
Sitting in line waiting now. Unfortunnately the line hasn't moved in like half an hour now.
Hey... ATT can put up a cell tower in my backyard. Just give my family free iPhone upgrades and service for life and I'm there.
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