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Huh? I think I've downloaded at least a half dozen app updates that specifically have iOS 4 update listed as the reason for the update. Now some of this is most likely just for iOS 4 compatibility issues, but shouldn't iOS 4 run all existing apps without need for any modification? Assuming that is the case, why am I downloading app updates that list iOS 4 as the update purpose? I agree that the bulk of the iOS 4 apps are going to be weeks or months down the road, but I...
I'm just wondering whether to update today/tonight, or let this cook out in the wild for a week or so before upgrading? I've had great results on my MacPro at home with updates and upgrades, but this will be my first time thru a major upgrade on the iPhone. I have to say though that the new features sound incredibly enticing, especially being able to background audio apps. Maybe I can finally listen to Slacker/Pandora while running with iMapMyRun going.
This is what I was thinking. I would really love to see some side-by-side pics from say a real dSLR, the iPhone4, the 3GS, and maybe another "good" camera/phone. That would be a really awesome comparison, especially a series of pics in differing light conditions. I hoping that we'll see this kind of comparison here in about 2 weeks once some photographers have a chance to get their hands on the real deal.
Yeah. This one seems pretty obvious to me too. My guess is that next year's iPad and then the iPhone 5 will both have a new dual core Apple processor. Hopefully the iPad will get a lot of love in other forms too such as an SD card slot for storage, a RAM increase, and of course the new Retina Display. Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
Nah... The probably tossed in the extra RAM to make up for the slower A4 clock speed. It's a good compromise to maintain performance while trying to maximize battery life.
I seriously doubt it. I think this rumor has been persistent mainly due to individual hopes and dreams of a Verizon iPhone. I think this time could be the real deal too and someone else hit on the why... ATT is letting some customers who still have up to a full year on their current contract upgrade to the iPhone 4. Why? Possibly to lock them into a new 2 year commitment before the iPhone is available on Verizon? Seems like a pretty smart move on their part.No. The...
I am by no means an expert here, but I think you are missing a key point. CDMA is a cellular radio and my understanding is that it is indeed physically limited to only being capable of voice or data and cannot handle both simultaneously. This however is completely different from a WiFi hotspot that uses a completely different IP based technology. Being able to handle voice and data simultaneously on WiFi is simple enough since TCP/IP is designed to be able to...
+1 here
Very nicely put. One more thing... Like the rest of us you unfortunately have to suffer thru what is hopefully only another 2.5 years of the Obama administration. Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
I hope you never need a heart or kidney transplant. Pretty sure you would never go for that seeing as how you can't take it for a test drive first. DOH... I did it yet again. Must resist urge to feed troll.
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