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  I was going to say something very similar.  How are personal religious beliefs really any different in terms of their effect on legislative policy than any other personal beliefs?  Can you be opposed to gay marriage or abortion or prostitution on purely non-religious grounds and be able to advocate against these policies, or is religion the only source of personal opposition to these issues?  I know that it works better for liberals if they could exclude religion...
  Now that is just narrow headed and wrong.  Lots of people use their middle name and in some cases it wasn't really even their choice.  I have a nephew who's name is Michael Chase and he goes by Chase.  He has been called Chase since he was a baby.  This is basically not a choice he made, but one made for him by his parent's.  I know a couple of other examples of guys going by their middle name and one of them was simply that he got sick of the confusion caused by his...
  Yeah...  Those evil, rich Koch brothers...  How dare they employee 50,000+ people here in the US!!!  Not to mention the hundreds of millions if not billions these guys have given to various charities.
Yeah...  First there was Big Bird and that got me wondering about Romney, and now this.  That's it, I'm done!!!  It's Obama all the way.  How could we have someone who looked through binders full of qualified women to put into positions of seniority in his cabinet.  What's next???  Does Romney not drive a Prius?!?!  Oh the shame!!!   I just couldn't resist jumping on the sarcasm bandwagon.   BR, do you really think that this is an issue that is going to be a...
  Regardless of the deployment of additional Marine security to certain locations in the middle east, the presence of a Marine security detachment in the first place may very well have averted or at least thwarted the attack.  I don't see why we have Marine security in places like Germany, Great Britian, and Austria but not in someplace like Libya.  That seems like almost inviting an attack.
  Well...  I'll step up and take a shot at the first one at least.  I honestly didn't see the Rose Garden speech and haven't bothered to look it up.   What the administration could have done differently to avoid the killing of our ambassador?   First of all, why exactly is it that the administration didn't have Marines guarding the ambassador in Libya?  This would be the absolute most basic of security measures, especially for someplace as dangerous as Libya.  I seriously...
  Where exactly is this "widely" predicted?
  Did Romney propose any government involvement in GM?  This is the one item in his statement that seems way off base to me.  Romney's position was to let GM go through the legal bankruptcy process and keep the government out of it entirely, or so I thought.
  I suppose that you also subscribe to the theory that Cheney was really the head of a child prostitution ring for Halliburton.
  This analysis is really funny.  I saw comments from the Frank Luntz focus group in Nevada of undecided/independent voters and Romney got good feedback from them.  I'll admit that Obama did a LOT better, and I'm willing to concede it was probably a draw but to here Obama supporters talk about it is just crazy.  I think the first sweep thru the focus group had like 7 of 8 people describe Romney favorably.  Yeah, I guess he was definitely perceived as weak and a loser.
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