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Worse, I have an Apple SSD equipped 2009-era 13" MBP and am running the OSX Lion Beta on it, and no TRIM support mentioned. What gives?
It makes sense that Apple would hold back the iWork apps to have some 1st Party Marquee apps in the store when it launches the Mac App Store. Just like it had the iWork for iPad apps as Marquee apps for the iPad Launch. IMHO, that's why Apple's held these apps back. It's also why iLife 11 is only $49. $15 x 5 apps = $75 - so people who bought iLife '11 don't feel ripped off when the individual apps go on sale in the Mac App Store.
To the guy whining about Apple not supporting better graphics in SL - you have a point - even Valve is warning people that 10.6.4 is worse for graphics card than 10.6.3. But Apple's not turning a blind eye. They seeded a SL Graphics Update to Developers this week: http://www.macrumors.com/2010/08/04/...to-developers/ And regarding USB 3.0 --> Blame Intel. Apple's now stuck using Intel Chipsets with the Core-iX processors (due to the NVidia legal Snafu) and Intel...
The Rogers plans only include WAP browsing, which is limited to crappy (IMHO) text-only based browsing of websites on phones like the Razr2/Shine. It's also limited only to Rogers-branded, IMEI tracked, non-smartphones. This is like the ANTI-iPhone plan. Frigging Rogers.
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