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I wish the new ESPN SportsCenter would stop prompting me to give it access to my location. I already said no once.
First version of what on iOS? You can't edit a route by dragging in Apple's Maps iOS app or in Google's iOS Maps app. The question was whether one can edit a route by dragging in the OSX Maps app.
Does anyone know if you can edit routes (drag the route to a new waypoint) on the OSX Maps application similar to how you can edit routes in Google Maps? I would love to be able to do this.
I sure hope there is an easy way to disable whatever twitter integration is found in iOS5. That and it doesn't continually prompt me to create a twitter account.
How is the iPad post-PC if I have to use a PC to initialize it, update the OS, and back it up?
Another $50 on top of my data plan to use the data plan I'm already paying for? No thanks.
"Live from Verizon's iPhone event"
Why the free advertising on AI for a vaporware app? Can we expect the same coverage for all other apps that don't exist? Not sure how this is "news"...
This article and many of ignorant comments (that I'm sure the writers would dismiss as jokes) are very disappointing. There is no honor or value here. Whether a person is gay or not is only meaningful to those who are naively "offended". I was hoping sites like AI would be above stirring hate.
The idea for an option to switch to or include an integrated iOS touch interface on a touch screen iMac is very appealing.
New Posts  All Forums: