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Some noteworthy quotes!! "On the SoC side, it’s pretty safe to say that the A9 SoC is the best SoC in any phone today" "At the end of the all that really matters is that the phone delivers the best user experience in areas where GPU or CPU performance is a gating factor" "Gaming on the iPhone is going to be the best possible experience due to its incredibly high unthrottled GPU performance and the length of time that it’s able to sustain that unthrottled GPU...
What does that have to do with anything? He's at Apple now!!
Exactly !! I see where this is headed. I'm out!!!
Someone has managed to secure 4 iPhone 6 pluses? I say FUD. I can't get my hands on one!! Lol
The "report" is wrong. I was never a T-Mobile customer and I was charged the $10 fee as well....
As a minimalist, I don't want physical media. I prefer ebooks, digital music and movies. I even opted for digital textbooks in college because I didn't want to lug around 5 textbooks everyday.
 Love both of mine, too. Not just the content from iTunes, hulu, hbo go, netflix, heck even the weather channel, but also the ability to mirror my Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad... love it.
 Am I the only one who finds the AppleTv to be awesome? I love its capabilities... There's so much content at my disposal. 
What does this say?
I'm serious. 9to5 Mac is reporting it too.
New Posts  All Forums: