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How much cash on hand?
I think people will continue to use Apple maps... I can see people using Google maps periodically for things like transit and street view though.   For me, it's familiar, easier to use, integrated with Siri, and looks so much better.
Has street view been updated in your area? Mine is the same old picture from 2008 or 2009... This area has really expanded since then.
Yeah, that looks like loads of fun... Now satellite view is another story - that looks pretty good.
    I think Apple's maps look so much better. This is without zooming btw.    
I'm somewhat underwhelmed. Why does it feel like a web app to me?
Wow, my ColecoVision had better graphics...
I'd buy a cellular model.
I think it's irresponsible and a disservice. It gives the impression that Apple skimped on this model compared to previous generations.
It's no more pricier than its predecessor. And while it's of a cheaper quality than the iPhone 5, it's more expensive than the iPod Touch it replaces - Not to mention lighter, faster, better quality, and more capable.
New Posts  All Forums: