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Don't have a tantrum. If you don't want to post a link, then don't. I didn't find it unreasonable that another poster asked you to produce one, but apparently you did.
I've always found ads invasive and annoying - no matter the product. I hate them in apps, on Pandora, on Hulu Plus, cable tv, on satellite radio, regular radio, and while iads aren't invasive, they still suck. I know my interests, I don't need anybody to track them or remind me of them. Of course, I'm just one person... maybe others would love that.
You will likely have to pay extra to remove the ads... lol
The $499 tablet appears to be plastic and has a $200 premium over the wifi only model. Is the cellular radio the only difference between the two?
I don't want another contract. I'll stick with my pay as you go iPad. I like the Kindle Paperwhite though.
No. That's 8.3 MB per day...
I disagree. All my girlfriends have absolutely craved donkey penis.Not bragging of course.
Fact checking requires work and a level responsibility not embodied by many bloggers.
Does this come from the same source that said Steve Jobs was trying to smuggle throwing stars onto a plane? lol
Nokia busted faking Purview ad: http://www.idownloadblog.com/2012/09/05/deceptive-advertising-nokia-admits-to-faking-the-pureview-ad/ Watch the video. Hilarious. And they call the Siri ads deceptive.
New Posts  All Forums: