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Any guess as to how many Apple may sell the first weekend it goes on sale? I'm guessing between 3.5 and 5 million.
Is copying really the sincerest from of flattery? I found this too funny: http://dewith.com/2012/its-not-just-phones/ Per usual, it's the same old perps...
In five years of owning iPhones, I have never actually needed street view. When I did use it, it was to wow someone unfamiliar with modern smartphones. I'm sure there are lots of people who use it often, but I'm not one of them. Since installing iOS 6, I haven't looked back. I also find Apple's Flyover useless. Cool to look at, but useless. I won't even talk about Google Maps' lousy accuracy.
The 37,000 figure only represents the unit of sales of "accused" tablets. Samsung also sells windows-based tablets which haven't been accused of infringing Apple's patents for example.. - IDC
Does hiding the Tab bar not address what you're talking about?
This is what I've been waiting for(iWork)!! And I'm happy to say that it works great! 
What do you dislike about tabs?
Analyst may not like it but Apple has to be proud... It's just phenomenal what they have been able to do.
How much cash is Apple sitting on now, $116 Billion?
In my tests, the only thing that Siri gets consistently right with a 100% accuracy is setting timers and alarms.    In fact, I haven't used my alarm clock since getting the 4S.
New Posts  All Forums: