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How much cash is Apple sitting on now, $116 Billion?
In my tests, the only thing that Siri gets consistently right with a 100% accuracy is setting timers and alarms.    In fact, I haven't used my alarm clock since getting the 4S.
I kinda expected the 3GS to lag when updating to iOS5. But who expects their newly released Tegra 3, quad core phone to lag? That's just sad.
Sweet... A bowling ball with wifi.
Quasar is one of my new favorite jailbreak apps - It allows true multitasking - I love this app. None of that app switching business for me:  
There may be many reasons to use Installous, but everyone I know uses it to pirate apps(steal). People even steal Cydia apps with the help of shady repos. I personally don't mind paying a developer for his hard work. Many of my favorite apps don't fall within Apple's guidelines so I'm very thankful for Cydia - I have the best of both worlds.
I personally don't care what the percentages are. I'm not the app police. If I want to jailbreak my iPad, that's exactly what I'm going to do. 
iOS 5 negated a lot of reasons to jailbreak. However, I was still left wanting more. I jailbroke both my new iPad and 4S this morning. Here are my favs:   My3G: Allows me to use FaceTime over 3G. Also when I watch youtube videos over 3G they aren't pixelated beyond recognition(because it tricks the phone into thinking you're using wifi).   Belfry: It installs the stock weather app, clock app, compass, stocks, voice memos, and calculator app on the iPad(I have no...
Ridiculous... If Apple has taught me anything, eh, nevermind.
I think it's unfair to expect him to turn around the company in as little as six months. And critics come with the territory - Even Apple with all its success isn't immune to it.
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