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I'd buy a cellular model.
I think it's irresponsible and a disservice. It gives the impression that Apple skimped on this model compared to previous generations.
It's no more pricier than its predecessor. And while it's of a cheaper quality than the iPhone 5, it's more expensive than the iPod Touch it replaces - Not to mention lighter, faster, better quality, and more capable.
Not sure I understand the more desirable comment. A customer walks into an Apple store to buy an iPod, upon learning that it has 512 mb of ram, they instead opt for a phone?
It appears a lot of people are comparing it to the iPhone 5 rather than the previous generation iPod Touch.
Bye bye iDisk... You were great while you lasted.
Very stereotypical, but my thoughts exactly. Ha.
When I read this, I think of Bruce Lee's The Big Boss when he worked in the ice factory. lol, that's mean.
Why not? We don't mind killing people who look different than we do. Or those who choose to worship different. Or those whose sexual orientation we don't agree with...Yep. Seems about right.
LOL. You don't say...
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