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Oh hush.I've done worse to PCs(and they deserved it).
I find that 5GB is plenty... I have 25 GB currently and I'm only using less than a gig between one Mac, an iPad and an iPhone. 5 GB might not be enough for someone who keeps a lot of photos in their camera roll. I say either save them to your Mac ASAP or don't backup your camera roll.
That's funny. My corporate discount is 22% also, which makes my bill about the same as my AT&T's which netted me a 24% corporate discount.Edit... I should learn to read - I gotcha now.
It just popped up for me... Long before the AI article.
Beats my home wifi network which averages around 30 mb/s. I dumped AT&T yesterday and went with Verizon - couldn't be happier.
Thanks! Btw, LTE is blistering:
Bye bye Google maps... Good riddance.
Something tells me you're going to be waiting for awhile.
They get to poke fun at Apple like we poke fun at their "lag" and cheap fragmented plastic devices.
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