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Just saw on CNN there's now an iPhone too thin-gate.
LTE battery draingate: http://www.macrumors.com/2012/09/26/iphone-battery-life-greatly-impacted-by-cellular-signal-strength/
Maybe your car is too small...
USBgate Purple halogate Mapgate Light leakgate Scuffgate I'm waiting on LTE databurnergate
I wonder in what area does the screen rival the iPad... It's certainly not resolution. Glare?   "No annoying ads"... hahaha. Sounds like a decent offering. What about cellular radio?
At least he spelled sux right.
Just the other day a "source" with "ties" to Google claimed that Google had already submitted an app to Apple. Now another source is saying the app is incomplete and won't ship for months. My source is calling BS on this whole story.
No, it doesn't matter. But when the news is favorable, they change the subject.
Love the elementary logic...   lol@ waiting for wider adoption of iOS 6.
Apple just positioned itself to overtake Google in information-retrieval in less than a decade... And people are too blind to see it - People are still arguing that this is about hurting Google. Given the competitiveness of the landscape, you would think people would realize the value this brings to the iOS platform - This is about survival and the platform's future success.   Siri Maps Youtube Up next, Google search
New Posts  All Forums: