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Love the elementary logic...   lol@ waiting for wider adoption of iOS 6.
Apple just positioned itself to overtake Google in information-retrieval in less than a decade... And people are too blind to see it - People are still arguing that this is about hurting Google. Given the competitiveness of the landscape, you would think people would realize the value this brings to the iOS platform - This is about survival and the platform's future success.   Siri Maps Youtube Up next, Google search
Smart move by Apple. First Siri, then Youtube and Maps... Google search is next. I understand the strategy and fully agree. My only complaint is that Apple didn't do it sooner.   What appears to be a flop to the tech press, is really a strategic move by Apple - One that will guarantee its dominance for the next decade.
I hope this isn't the same "connection" who said Google has submitted a maps application to Apple for iOS 6.
Ouch: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6324/the-iphone-5-performance-preview
Tom Tom only licenses the backend(the maps) the front end has to come from Apple. If not from crowd sourcing, how are the overlays gathered? Certainly not from Apple's team of developers and engineers.Why is Tom Tom more accurate? For the same reason Google's is more accurate - Years of crowd sourcing, surveying, and imaging from the populace.
No. Should the courts stop prosecuting repeated sexual offenses for the sake of exhaustion?
That's stupid. If that were necessary, they would just use some of the $120 billion in cash that they have on hand.Since you're referring to Maps/Siri, you can throw 20 trillion at them but you'll still need data generated from users among other analytics not achievable in a lab.
I'm suffering from litigation fatigue. I know it comes with the territory, but I wouldn't hold it against AppleInsider if they decided to pass on a litigation story - lol.
I disagree. They should have gotten maps out even sooner... In the coming months even the most uninformed will realize this.
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