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Steve on Technology and Liberal Arts: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=KlI1MR-qNt8&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKlI1MR-qNt8
That carbon fiber looks nice...I'm gonna need a link to that.
Invest in a camera for crying out loud...
I agree, 100%.
Oh God...Later, guys.
No they haven't. What's prohibiting Google from releasing maps on iOS? Can you no longer buy Android phones?
Apple should have waited until their app was perfect before releasing it. Nevermind the fact that you need user generated data from millions of people in thousands of different locations all over the world to perfect a mapping platform. I truly believe had Apple's small team of 5 engineers and 8 software developers been willing to put in 24 hr shifts years at a time, partaking in hiking, boating, driving, flying, skiing, and hovercrafting all over the planet, this would...
You don't have to pretend anything. Just walk right into wherever they sell Android phones in Canada and buy one. It's really that simple.
I don't have any problems with Apple maps and think Apple made the right decision. I say good riddance to Google maps and I know I won't miss it. Bring on the future!!!
Silly argument. How can you say I preferred google maps? How many other mapping systems are out there outside of google maps that people use on a daily basis(there are over 13,000 on the app store alone)? Apple hasn't elminated the competition. Google is free to produce their own mapping application. Ego? You don't think Apple knows this is their first iteration of maps?
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