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Preach on, brother!
Gathering user generated data is how you perfect a mapping application, and I think Apple made the correct choice to do it now rather than later. People who claim Apple could have done this 'in-house" are out of touch with reality - Thus the notion of waiting to release it until it was "perfect' is just foolish.   Like all hard decisions, Apple will take this one on the chin, and in the end, a more capable and user-friend app will emerge.
The consensus is that performance matters, not specs. Which also happens to be what this benchmark validates. You have a Dual core processor besting Quad cores and giving credence to what I've said all along: If your OS and hardware are optimized specs shouldn't matter.   Adding a quad core processor doesn't cover up your insufficiencies... When Apple runs circles around you with a dual core processor, it highlights them.   Imagine what Apple could do with a quad core...
If this is not setting the bar, I don't know what is. Think about it for a second. Compared to the Android "elite", the iPhone 5 is under-spec'd, yet still bests them in performance.   When winning the spec race is more important than winning the performance race, you've already lost.
Download the 'Fake iPhone 5 Launcher' and compare your Nexus to the iPhone 5... lol
Cool! What's it mean performance wise?
Nevermind the fact the iPhone 5 is more than a screen size change, what would make you switch?
Admittedly, I'm no expert on time pieces. But I don't have to be to understand what he's saying. Which is the iPhone is in its own league - I agree 100%.
I think it's a great analogy.   There's iPhone. And then there's everything else. He nailed it.
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