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Nevermind the fact the iPhone 5 is more than a screen size change, what would make you switch?
Admittedly, I'm no expert on time pieces. But I don't have to be to understand what he's saying. Which is the iPhone is in its own league - I agree 100%.
I think it's a great analogy.   There's iPhone. And then there's everything else. He nailed it.
I'm going Verizon too as I suspect LTE will support voice soon. Until then, I'll have to rely on wifi for my simultaneous needs.
Right. If the network is upgraded soon, the additional radio serves no purpose. It makes total business sense.
You can on AT&T @ Jason....
Technically, it's a limitation of LTE. Currently it only supports data... But like I've said, that's changing soon. Others have gotten around it by adding an additional radio. But the iPhone already has two radios(one is to improve reception). Apple would have to add yet another radio. I'm assuming since LTE will support voice and data soon, Apple chose not to bother with trying to figure how to fit a third antenna.
Apple could have addressed this by adding an additional antenna(for voice) like Samsung and others have... but since LTE is expected to evolve soon, Apple decided against it.
It's a hardware issue. Apple didn't include the necessary third antenna to make it possible. LTE will evolve to support voice in the near future.... Apple had to decide whether to add a third antenna or wait until LTE evolves to handle voice(it currently only handles data).
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