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I don't find these figures a surprise. When you consider Apple only sell flagship mobile devices but Android comes in both really cheap devices and flagship. It makes sense that people who buy flagship will spend more money on apps etc than cheap phone users.   The cheap device users who just want a cheap phone will bring down the average clicks per 1000 adverts. An interesting figure would be to compare just using Android flagship figures.
So you would rather a few people die so you can make a few extra dollars.
  Why would you want any company to fail?  That would put thousands of people out of work.  
Not sure the xenophobia in this thread is entirely necessary.
Must be sarcastic because no-one can be that deluded.
I have released several apps for Windows 8/RT now.  It takes no extra work to develop for both.  All you do is write the app once and for the target CPU  just select all then build and it creates an app package that will work on Windows RT and Windows 8 32bit and 64bit.   Also say what you want about the platform but the development tools are excellent.
Grow up.
That is not true metro can use icons aswell.  
Out of interest which of these do people prefer?    
Not referring to just this forum but forums in general.  Would people speak to people face to face in the way they do in forums.  Just a few examples from this thread that is actually a very mild thread and only 3 pages long.   1. It's astonishing just how completely stupid and uninformed that sounds.   2. Indeed. As seen above, they're pathetically rehashing LAST YEAR'S arguments   3. Not to mention brainless, witless, useless.......   4. wow! how...
New Posts  All Forums: