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Now that is funny!
Just US by the looks of it. Which is a shame..
Don't like making financial recommendations but a $10 drop for selling 5 million iphones in a weekend!!! - To me that would suggest a good time to invest in AAPL...:)
Off topic but store is down.....?
How odd. Apple are normally so forthcoming.....
In other news, a clairvoyant in Wyoming has foretold that I once had a relative called Daisy. ....
Cook is putting his money where his confidence is, i.e., he wants to clearly try and signal that he expects Apple will continue to be a "growth" stock.[/QUOTE] If it's a "growth" stock what would be the incentive for an investor to enter into the buyback programme? Wouldn't you just hang on to good stock?
I've no idea what all this means, so would someone with some economic knowledge kindly explain what this means for someone who has a small holding of 60 shares from ages back? Does Apple just force me to sell them back to them? Sorry for being ignorant...
New Posts  All Forums: