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I have the Nomad stand and I think it looks nicer than the Griffin although more expensive and without the iphone stand bit. My wife doesn't mind the design of the Nomad either which is important as she'd chuck it out if she didnt like it...
Buy buy buy
Anything that would make the NFL London franchise more likely has got be a good thing..
As a new fan of 1Password a lot of my security issues have improved its just a shame that it doesn't work with app Apple required passwords (iTunes store etc). May have dreamt it but I thought that was changing with iOS 8? Maybe a clever dev could tell me?
Surely if the release is this fall then the launch plans/details must be already in place? Seems a bit late to hire an expert unless the release date is further away than expected?
Now that is funny!
Just US by the looks of it. Which is a shame..
Don't like making financial recommendations but a $10 drop for selling 5 million iphones in a weekend!!! - To me that would suggest a good time to invest in AAPL...:)
Off topic but store is down.....?
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