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Surely if the release is this fall then the launch plans/details must be already in place? Seems a bit late to hire an expert unless the release date is further away than expected?
Now that is funny!
Just US by the looks of it. Which is a shame..
Don't like making financial recommendations but a $10 drop for selling 5 million iphones in a weekend!!! - To me that would suggest a good time to invest in AAPL...:)
Off topic but store is down.....?
How odd. Apple are normally so forthcoming.....
In other news, a clairvoyant in Wyoming has foretold that I once had a relative called Daisy. ....
Cook is putting his money where his confidence is, i.e., he wants to clearly try and signal that he expects Apple will continue to be a "growth" stock.[/QUOTE] If it's a "growth" stock what would be the incentive for an investor to enter into the buyback programme? Wouldn't you just hang on to good stock?
New Posts  All Forums: