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Hello   I have pre ordered a new iphone 6 plus for my wife and she currently has an iphone 6.  She is VERY particular about her phone and how it looks.  Is there an app or a way to back up an exact copy for when she gets her new phone?   I.E.    Download all contacts to new phone Download all texts to new phone Download all media to phone Copy all ringtones and wall papers   If possible, even copy preferences such as text size, passwords,...
I have a question on the USB-C that will be on the new macbook....   I know they already have a dongle or something that allows you to use the old USB, but does it allow you to split the usb?   What I am really asking is that I often use more than one USB at a time, such as DVD drive and charging an ipad or something else... Will I be able to do this on the new Macbook with an adaptor?   Thanks   Adam
Marvin   Thanks for the response.  I think for my uses (Lawyer who doesn't game and uses mainly for internet research and business) the new Macbook would be the better bet.
Hello   I have a question that may sound dumb to those of you who are tech savy, but is not as obvious to me:   1)  Will the new macbook be faster than the Macbook Airs?   My understanding is that the latest Macbook Airs will have broadwell processors with 1.6GHZ turbo up to 2.7 and the new Macbook's will have the Mobile M 1.3GHZ Turbo up to 2.6.  With the new architecture, are we expecting the Geekbench scores to be higher of lower on the Macbook.   Thanks
Hello   I have an iPhone 6 and want to know how to set up a mobile hotspot for my iPad / laptop.  I am on the grandfathered data plan and ATT said I could not on my current plan.   I thought I had heard that there was a "bridge" app or something that would work.  I also heard of rrroyy.com but am not sure if that is just for blackberry.     I would switch to the mobile share plan, but when I did the math for the three phones I have, the plan was significantly higher...
Hello there   I have a brand new macbook air 13" and have been trying to find a hardshell case for it with decent venting.  I have purchased two so far by speck, and people at both best buy and the apple store say that the cases for the previous model air will fit, but the mic placement is off and both mic holes are covered.   Does anyone have any suggestions or seen and new cases that have come out?
Relic   I have been looking at the Bookbook case.  How do you like it?  Do you notice any heat issues with it, and do you use it like a cover or like a sleeve? How is the protection?
Hello there   I have purchased a new 13" macbook air and need advice on cases.  I am looking for a hardshell case, (preferably a clear one) that is a nice quality.   The problem I am having is that the apple store and even best buy are assuring me that the previous cases for the MacBook Air will work on the new version because all of the dimensions are the same. They have stated that they do not forsee a lot of new cases coming out for that exact reason.  I do...
Hello   I am considering purchasing the new macbook air 13". I currently have the original aluminum unibody macbook 2.4 ghz.  The battery is dying and will only last 30 min and it is starting to get buggy.   QUESTION:   1)  Should I get the air right now or wait till the new OS comes out in fall?   2)  Is there any advantage to purchasing a machine that comes with the new OS vs installing on a machine that has a different os (Mountain Lion) and already...
did anyone notice what was playing in the background?  Seriously?
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