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In my humble opinion Jobs and Apple ARE a redemption story. When Jobs came back to run Apple, I bought the stock a couple years later, because I had a strong feeling this would be a redemption story like no other. Does everyone remember the business stories in the press about how stupid Apple was trying to make hardware? The pundits laughed at him and said "the money is in the Software, stupid". Microsoft gobbled up most of enterprise with their strategy of selling...
Looks like the hedge fund guys are NOT happy. Read the comments on this Zero Hedge article about Pegatron. Horrible people. The comments there are usually rank, but especially so since yesterday.
I thought I read somewhere that the university also sued Microsoft over the same patent and Microsoft got away with no fine?
Yikes. Sog, you nailed it. It is ridiculous.Aside from privatization, might there be something structural that Apple can do to change this story? Sometimes I wonder if AAPL might be SO large a part of the stock market that there are gatekeepers holding it to the floor to prevent an insane reaction in, I dunno, maybe AMZN or the like, which would distort everything and make a mess. Hell, I guess AAPL distorts everything and makes a mess all by itself. There's got to be some...
I call a bottom! This is surely capitulation when sog35 wants to sell !
What if a lot of AAPL investors banged on the door of the SEC to ask them about manipulation of this stock? If the PE goes down to some absurd number like 6, I would expect them to be asking questions. Of course, I think we have been in suspicious territory since August. It is truly bizarre that the regulators aren't asking questions.
Predictions from Gartner! Aargh. I bet that company won't EVER ask an analyst anything ever again. Can you imagine how much money it cost them because they listened to an analyst?? STUPID EFFING ANALYSTS!!
How is the buyback helping? I just can't see it. I only see them adding debt to the company. I would bet though, that Apple has it figured so that they take advantage of every tax angle and is possibly not very harmful to borrow money.I wish they would increase the dividend instead.
WTF am I reading stories about analysts are unimpressed with this weekend's sales numbers? It is so idiotic. I guess because China is included they figure it will be net flat. As others have pointed out, however, they likely sold all they had manufactured and it wouldn't have mattered which countries were included. I'm also reading the usual tripe about "management has done nothing to improve the price of the stock". Does anyone else wonder that because AAPL joined the...
Eye see what you are saying = turn on captioning?
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