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How is the buyback helping? I just can't see it. I only see them adding debt to the company. I would bet though, that Apple has it figured so that they take advantage of every tax angle and is possibly not very harmful to borrow money.I wish they would increase the dividend instead.
WTF am I reading stories about analysts are unimpressed with this weekend's sales numbers? It is so idiotic. I guess because China is included they figure it will be net flat. As others have pointed out, however, they likely sold all they had manufactured and it wouldn't have mattered which countries were included. I'm also reading the usual tripe about "management has done nothing to improve the price of the stock". Does anyone else wonder that because AAPL joined the...
Eye see what you are saying = turn on captioning?
I just read this thread, a bit late. Lots of great ideas here. I would add, though, the recent articles that have Apple working with DOD are yet another use for this tech.
@atlapple, many of your posts seem a bit snide in regards to Apple the company. I would like to ask, do you have a securities license by any chance? I'm baffled at what you seem to see in the company's future, just wondering. I'm so sorry that you cannot envision an Apple car, or much of anything other than what you already know. There's certainly no shortage of folks who cannot do a scenario in their head and think about it. Honestly, your posts seem a bit like an...
But but but...it's such a clever name! CurrentC=currency, get it?They've been stubbornly ignoring their customers' concerns so far, so I suppose they will just as stubbornly keep that great name. I wonder how much they spent to design the name?
"Wouldn't it be interesting if Apple completely changed the naming scheme for iPhones? Say, something like the Apple Phone Sport, Apple Phone, etc. What on earth would Samsung do then for phone names?" @ JM6032: I'm all for changing the naming convention. Sammy would undoubtably use the same names, 'sport' etc., but I think the customer might notice that. It would be good to highlight Samsung copycattiness in that way. Sammy probably relies on a certain amount of...
I like Weblock on my mobile devices, been using it a year.
According to the article, all existing Google shares will become Alphabet shares... What does that mean? If you have Google shares will they be tied to the profits of Alphabet only? Will investors like that? Which would be better-- owning shares in a company tied to the soon-to-expire advertising algorithm or owning shares in their Alphabet (soup) harebrained moneyless ventures? Both may be losers. I'm surprised investors aren't upset. Meanwhile, cue the end of the...
Maybe the Street will take Kuo down, like what happened to Andy Zaky. remember him?
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