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There must be some way to view Flash video on iPads I guess. I belong to a music training site and long story short, their admin told me they use Flash video. I sent an angry reply, before I figured out that I needed to disable my Weblock ad blocker. The site works again. I had always accessed on my ipad, before I set up the Weblock. I tried whitelisting that site but it didn't work like my other white listed sites did, so I had to disable the ad blocker. Anyone have an...
Linda.com is a video training site, I believe they use Flash exclusively. What happens to their content I wonder? Is there a way they can port existing content to some other format? What a headache for them! Supposedly because there is so much granular detail, screen-in- screen demonstrations of video software, they claim that other platforms are unsuitable.
Huh. So they are still around I see. I happen to be sitting here in my old Pixel Corps t-shirt as I read this. I left after a couple years as they were dwindling to nothing. I'm wondering, when did they start the group? I think I was a member circa 2002. I learned about Twitter long before they were news from Alex L. I see they are closed to new members now.
Here's a question I had yesterday: is there a point at which Apple gets overwhelmed with lawsuits? I swear, the world is full of companies, nations and people that would sooner sue than take care of their own business. As a strategy. If you got money they are gonna pound you for whatever they can get. That's the only worry I can come up with for Apple investors. How many simultaneous lawsuits can they take on? At what point does Apple have more lawyers walking the...
Isn't there a thing called 'options Friday' at the end of the month? It's odd how low the stock price is. I Have a hard time believing results like this quarter's are already baked into the price..
WTF is the game plan for trading AAPL this week according to the big players?
Maybe for a new student just trying out guitar, though I would still rather get a $100 Yamaha before I got the Jamstik. When I first saw the articles about this it looked interesting, but honestly there's NOTHING I could play on that thing except beginner pieces. I don't know any pieces that are limited to 4 frets, lol. I can't imagine having to reach up to click in a new 4 frets. Couldn't jam on it either, guitar is hard enough to know where the note is let alone having...
I have got an inexpensive electric. Hmmm. Yes I saw the free trial ware, it looks really interesting. So you are saying you can interface music software with a mike??Maybe I can do this!
Whoa I missed this topic! I looked at the website you linked, that's interesting. I need pickups I guess.I play classical and I'm trying to figure out what kind of pickup to put on my guitar. Hexo piezo something ?Since there are several pro musicians here I will feel free to pick your brains. I'd like to have midi here, but not sure what really works.Also I'm looking at Frameworks midi classical guitar models ( to play with headphones and for the midi capability, maybe,...
For me, the proof was in the response this past Christmas when we got all the grandkids and their parents iPads. They ripped them open with a passion and exclaimed " It's an Apple iPad!!! OMG OMG!! we thought you got us one of those cheap Nooks or something but it's a real iPad OMG OMG!!" That said it all. never seen such excitement.
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