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I stopped reading that rag ages ago. In a field of products with similar qualities they recommend some seemingly arbitrary item with four stars. Except it's not arbitrary at all. They are wined and dined and whichever company wines the most gets the 'tops in category' rating. Apple doesn't do that silly stuff. They make their products, the people let them know if it's great or not. So, i guess they have another 'enemy' because they wont play the usual games, including...
Dumbest question of the day, does the new iPad have Siri on it?
The only way to improve content would be to have new content written. That would mean hiring WRITERS for heavens sakes. The studio execs, all of them, are allergic to artistic talent. They are low rise obstacles.Whether Apple does anything or nothing-- there will ultimately come a day when we have freelance blogger journalists, and lots of kids writing and filming all kinds of content that WILL find its way out. The cream will rise to the top. That day just cannot get here...
I hope you will report this to Apple so they can fix it. Most animation software has the concept of a numbered 'instance' of an object which are just references to the original object/image, instead of multiple copies of the actual image repeated over and over. To save space in the file.
Good response. I still think there will be a storage problem at some point fairly soon after digital textbooks gets going. Perhaps anobit will play a role. Maybe we'll get to add storage to the device someday and it will be able to manage the different cards along with the web where available. I often wonder what rural areas will be able to do. Wonder when the glass pipes are ready for delivery from sea to shining sea?
Beautiful. Thanks for making me laugh today.
Another great post. That makes at least three people who have a grasp of this.
Great post. Very very interesting food for thought, people.
This whole thing suddenly reminded me of those email chain letters people insist on forwarding to all their friends. Usually some tear jerker story about a poor soul who .....xyz. Do we need a Snopes.com for TV and real life now ? \
Ho ho ho. It could be even more complex than we know. Proview owes the Chinese banks a billion dollars?!? That is very serious in China, as others have pointed out. So the state has a complex problem here and are surely looking for money to cover that in some way. Just imagine if there are other entities doing some bribing of officials. Then it becomes more than patents. Methinks MS got involved to bolster the claim for a reason. Do the judges have a 'deal' to pretend to...
New Posts  All Forums: