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Maybe the key word here is 'server' eh?
Agree. I know a young lady quilter with 365 videos on YouTube who had her content ripped off wholesale. She then asked developer to make the content free as that is her marketing choice. The developer then put up disclaimers that you need to be 18+ due to mature content, then pulled the app. Looks like that dev is still there, only he's ripped off other you tube videos by a few other people. Really really crappy stuff is clogging up the store. Just because somebody has a...
Thank you Steven N. ! Duckduckgo is a GREAT search engine! Thank you so much. I will suggest it widely. So much cleaner, great results. Compared to goggle it rocks! Appreciate your input here in this forum.
Hmmm very interesting post. Just like Apple to go the completely unexpected direction. Maybe later they might get bigger screens, but for now everything you say makes some sense. Yes, Personal TV.I loathe TV yet want TV. I WISH there was some good video content to watch. Just got an Apple TV even though we already have a Mini hooked up, the Apple TV makes it easier to get to the alternative crowd sourced stuff you mention. There are 'channels' and podcasts that are almost...
Well me neither apparently. I just now found out that the status bar is the black line that tells you the time of day and your battery status. Tap that and you get the top of page. Well then its time to open that bookmark in Safari, 'Ipad user guide'. I searched and got this result which is really good.
Have you ever tried to use the net on a big TV? We have a mini hooked up, hoping that would be nice to read the net on a 55" monitor. Alas, no can do. Your eyes will go CRAZY. You can make the type larger simplify the page, it still doesn't matter. NTSC 's 29.95 fps is hard on your eyes when it comes to any amount of text. You will get a headache. Also, a big tv will have you turning your head like you are watching a ping pong match. I tried and tried, lousy idea, beyond...
Coax in the back indeed. We need glass fiber internet the last mile to our door. We need bullet trains to our major cities. We need electric automobile infrastructure. We need carbon fiber cars! Arrrgh was I born in the wrong decade or are we just slow? Shoulda had a lot of these things started in the 80's. This is my lament.How on earth did we send a man to the moon in the 60's ??!!??
Somebody tell me how South Korea manages to have online gaming as the MAIN leisure time activity for the majority of households? Wish Apple would buy up Level3's glass pipes. It's a cryin shame this country is so throttled backwards by greed and ineptitude. If it went for Apple we would have little electronics innovation, that us USABLE.
Hmmm...apple is big into Design. Designers of interiors view the TV set as a big black eye to be covered or moved to a corner somehow. They don't like them. Many ladies are into what interior decorators say. Many men, however, view TV as the focal point of the living room and the bigger the better to show off. Who will win and how will Apple interpret the war of the sexes? Ha, I d rather they came out with THE box that sits ahead of your cable box and integrates everything...
If Apple lags behind on anything you can bet it's for a good reason. 4G phone service is hardly ubiquitous. It drains your battery. If another phone touts their 'faster processor' i would bet it's because their GPU is slower. I trust Apple as a brand. I would rather buy what they come up with as the sweet spot and get something that has an overall great performance at a reasonable if a little expensive price. Apple makes a profit and keeps on producing great stuff.
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