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Good response. I still think there will be a storage problem at some point fairly soon after digital textbooks gets going. Perhaps anobit will play a role. Maybe we'll get to add storage to the device someday and it will be able to manage the different cards along with the web where available. I often wonder what rural areas will be able to do. Wonder when the glass pipes are ready for delivery from sea to shining sea?
Beautiful. Thanks for making me laugh today.
Another great post. That makes at least three people who have a grasp of this.
Great post. Very very interesting food for thought, people.
This whole thing suddenly reminded me of those email chain letters people insist on forwarding to all their friends. Usually some tear jerker story about a poor soul who .....xyz. Do we need a Snopes.com for TV and real life now ? \
Ho ho ho. It could be even more complex than we know. Proview owes the Chinese banks a billion dollars?!? That is very serious in China, as others have pointed out. So the state has a complex problem here and are surely looking for money to cover that in some way. Just imagine if there are other entities doing some bribing of officials. Then it becomes more than patents. Methinks MS got involved to bolster the claim for a reason. Do the judges have a 'deal' to pretend to...
Those complex and high context contracts are a reflection of what is required to even carry out a relationship with suppliers/customers et al. We live in a high context society whe every iota of terms and conditions are expected to be spelled out or NO DEAL.Doesn't mean Apple can't work within the constraints of modern international business to try to do the right thing wherever they can and be ever mindful of its very important customers. While Apple can't commandeer the...
BTW, there is the silliest foreign filml on Netflix Streaming. It is called 'Trolls' and is made in Norway. It was full of the most fantastical deadpan rationalizations as to what must be done to keep the Trolls under control. complete with CG Trolls that were hilarious. I could picture a 10 year old absolutely terrified. Still laughing,
My opinion is that Apple came back from near death to face a tech environment that was so competitive that they had not much choice but to scale up in the far east like all the others, just to get the good stuff made at all. Apple is at an inflection point, I'm sure they know it. They are pretty good about responding to people's concerns, in fact they are extraordinary at it. They are as proactive as they can be and still be human. I don't pretend to know when or how,...
Sigh. .... . I keep harping on this paranoid theory of mine. NYT is a failing paper, possible? Hedge funds are heavily invested in Apple, true? Maybe NYT got paid by hedge reps to focus the story on Apple? The timing of all of this just floors me. Apple hits $500 and soars past that, then all of a sudden five big negative Apple stories made out of rehashed news from prior weeks/months/years. There's even a play out there, The Agony and ecstasy of Steve jobs. The big...
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