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If you have a Mac that is ON and you have wireless Internet in your home, and a printer,You can get Printopia for your Mac and then you can print from your iPad. Once in a while I print out something from my first gen iPad. It works great! ANY printer that is on your network will work.
Tell me how to shut off my gmail address please. Also, how do I find the range of IP numbers for google so I can block them from my network? TIA
Now that is some solid reasoning. It explains what I am doing, and even though it causes a bit of tension, I am not selling Apple until it gets to something close to fair value. An amount which I perceive to be going up a lot faster than the stock price. When I picked this stock in 2001 I expected it to be the next Microsoft. It has gone way past that. Triple that. Yet where is the stock profit? It seems Apple is actually TOO BIG to be fairly priced! Now that's a apple...
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I do agree that nobody should have your address book sitting on their servers! Yet once again, Apple is one of many who host apps that can do this, yet they are going to get all the blame. Why is that? personally, among other reasons, I think this might even be a case of senators who are doing insider trading. It's certainly possible, as they have yet to ban it for members of congress. Today Apple's stock went up > 525 and then, out of the blue, CNBC says 'this...
Substitute 'misrepresentation' with 'miscommunication' maybe?
Apple 'should' have invested in the US, but look at the time scale. At the time they would have needed to start such a venture, they didn't have the money to do so. Also, that's a LOT of physical plant development and other capital expenditures. Tim Cook took a company needing to ramp up and he ramped it up in the most maximal way for Apple and it's shareholders. The guy is a master at it. He's been doing it for ten years! However, I'm sure he now realizes the game is...
Whoa whoa whoa here guys, it's still a rumor, we haven't seen WHAT Apple will outsource. It could be sales data, accounting, possibly backed server stuff ... The highest they would put there would be an iCloud server issue. They can do local dialects for Siri, etc as others have pointed out. there's lots of code to be written that isn't Apple's natural strength. Let's not get all out on a limb fighting mad over this yet.
Please donate them to your local kidney dialysis centers. The American Kidney Fund calls me for donations of household items etc. one time they said that dialysis center patients need magazines to read while they are receiving treatment. Other charities would probably take them, or nursing homes.
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