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YES. Good post.
you are kidding right? Do you ever use the Internet on those PCs ? Do yo go to more than 3 websites?
Thread jack....I don't like Facebook either. I've put together an interface or two in my time, and I think theirs positively sucks. It's weak. The user has so little real control over who sees what or is connected to what. I will miss those general notices from friends and family that can't be easily done any other way, but until FB improves their code or yet another company takes a crack at it I'm on lockdown. They keep having these embarrassing lapses of security and...
I don't agree. I'd be willing to bet Apple would definitely incorporate this technology once they've vetted it
I really don't understand you.
If English is your first language, did you go to high school? Did you graduate? Well, at least you are capable of generating possible scenarios in your head. Many people can't do that at all. Your scenarios are kind of based on limited information. I dont think the Android guys are mutually helping each other by transferring patents, it doesnt work that way. Your spellchecker keeps saying 'patients' and other junk so its hard to read what you wrote. Keep reading up on...
OMG you're all such fanboys! first Apple patented the rectangle and now they're patenting the PowerPoint slide! How many ways can you make a PowerPoint slide? The only logical way is with a cloud icon above three devices each with a different time/content limit! jk... But I bet someone will say that somewhere apple does it the only logical way, so thats the only way we can do it! There isn't any other way, I mean really, how could we possibly say the same thing in a...
He's talking about Internet speed, true, but he is also talking about an annoying interface issue with ATV. It IS hard to see the summary info. Podcasts are not as straightforward to surf through either. It could be made a little better, yes.
On the BOGOs they aren't really recouping their phone cost. For iPhones it really does take a whole new separate contract to get the 'free' phone. I don't know anyone with 4 iPhones on a family together plan that got more than one of the phones free. Only a paid for older phone maybe. With the BOGOs how many can you get free on one plan? Can you buy 2 and get 2 free all on one carrier family plan?
I guess you can compare a real number with a guess. The regulators only see that there is WIDESPREAD agreement on a point, therefore nothing fraudulent. Ha! We won't have good journalists for a while yet. When certain utilities are gone then will have good blog reporters and the cream will rise to the top. Until then, CNBC and the networks have a racket going. Literally. This is merely the method the wall street guys use to KEEP THE LID ON Apple. Their paycheck is...
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