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Your post is the most interesting one I've seen on all of AI. I think you may be jumping ahead 10 years and I love it! I posted on another thread that AppleTV box etc. could easily auto detect the device IDs, and integrate them on whatever to be something like a personally programmed remote. But all the while I was thinking about this idea I have that in the future, out of the million folks running around with HD good enough cameras, some of them will start to get good....
Millmoss, maybe holding this stock is more than you can handle. Your worrying is sometimes grating. Just sell already.
I guess the difference is that Xerox didn't know how brilliant the PARC group was until 20 years had gone by. In other words, these were inventions that were openly laughed at by their own board chairman. Microsoft helped themselves to some of it too. It was literally there for the taking. Patents unenforced are worthless after a while. Xerox can't come out now and sue the whole mouse making world. I am generally opposed to old people running high tech anything unless...
Ok Debbie Downer, what else do ya not understand that you can post here? what kind of person gets paid to do a job like that?
I think that's true. There have been articles and quotes that would lead one to think that some of the Samsung contacts are becoming more aware of the patent issue. Quotes like 'patents are so smooth' whatever that means to Koreans, make me think that they are starting to understand 'inventing'. I don't think their CEO gets it though. Still the same bombast out of him. It's a very different culture there, a little more macho. Then there's the 'shame' society vs our...
I think you are getting closer to what it Apple could be releasing. Wrangling the multiple inputs and remote controls is key. If the box can get the ID codes from each device and present you with a home screen like you described, then you have integrated the Apple ecosystem without building the actual TV. Your home screen would simplify all the devices much like a custom programed remote does. Just went through this awful scenario recently where we practically had to...
Very fine insight. Is true. What is known about psychology and the mind will make it very possible that we get a future Apple that may dare to be as good, maybe better than it was before.
Respectfully, In the long term we'll all be dead.
Expected by whom. That is the question. Apple met its own numbers. TheStreet.com needs to quit adding a 50% multiplier to Apple's estimates. Now they are zeroing in on who should be running Apple, what they should be doing with their cash etc etc bullshit. Anal cysts all say however, they will buy some AAPL now at 395 and wait tomorrow and see how low it goes and buy some more, but buy in at under 400 looks good. Gonna go read a book.
Long or short, I wondered if there was something almost like a contest out there for the record trade per share, aiming at about $100. Any pros out there know what's the most anyone ever made on a per share basis on a single stock trade made in the shortest time period?
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