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Really! I agree.All these idiots going off on Apple and the poor Chinese like it's Apple's fault because they are RICH!!! Etc etc etc. Wake up and smell the thermonuclear war. Who is behind this sudden interest in Chinese labor? I mean, this story was old two years ago. You wouldnt have anything electronic in your house if not for this factory. Apple uses the minority amount of their capacity. Etc etc etcGOOGLE. Hedge Funds. Up to their usual malarkey. Yet, all they can...
I studied Japanese in college, tho I don't remember so much of it. I DO remember how odd the word order is. Japanese and Korean and one other obscure language have this odd word order wheree relative clauses come before the object, so it seems backwards to us. The verb is at the end of the sentence. I actually think your reading of it is the closest to being correct.
Apple is gonna make a Dick Tracy video wristwatch! Wasn't that once some kind of tech holy grail? I'm with Flaneur. Lots of interesting things up high that I'd like to investigate. Who makes a good tough balloon that won't pop going through tree branches? There are radio controlled toy helicopters... I've been wanting the square Nano just as a wristwatch but we have so many Apple devices...thanks Flaneur, now I am obsessed with getting this if it comes out!!
Really asking? Apple innovates, creates product we never knew we would love so much. Poor people gladly save their shillings for ONE NICE THING that does many things, an Apple device. Apple is a leader. You watch. See them bring jobs home soon. EXXon? Rape and pillage the earth, bribery and influence to prevent competing tech which humanity must have soon...because billions of Chinese and Indians idling their automobiles will leave the air unfit to breathe...soon....
You are a person after my own heart. So true, so true...the sooner we leave the myths of the Dark Ages behind the sooner we make leaps and bounds of inner peace as a species. The next revolution may well be called Jobsian. To think, Isaccson thought it a bit presumptuous of Jobs to call him and ask him to write his biography!There was a reason Jobs was a Buddhist. The Buddha could rightly be called the world's first psychologist. When kings and priests asked the Buddha,...
YES. Good post.
you are kidding right? Do you ever use the Internet on those PCs ? Do yo go to more than 3 websites?
Thread jack....I don't like Facebook either. I've put together an interface or two in my time, and I think theirs positively sucks. It's weak. The user has so little real control over who sees what or is connected to what. I will miss those general notices from friends and family that can't be easily done any other way, but until FB improves their code or yet another company takes a crack at it I'm on lockdown. They keep having these embarrassing lapses of security and...
I don't agree. I'd be willing to bet Apple would definitely incorporate this technology once they've vetted it
I really don't understand you.
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