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WOW. I knew the Amazon flying drone delivery service was a poor idea and would be regulated out of existence. This is what the new regulations look like! A thirty second pause to think is all that's required to spot the thousand reasons why this is a no-go. Can you imagine the security nightmare? These things are not track able by radar. Nuff said.
When Tim did a TV interview last year he as asked who he thought Apple's competitors were and he answered 'Google'. I thought that sounded odd, I guess he was talking about Android, but? Considering the Car idea, maybe it makes sense. Jonny Ive has said he most wants to design a car next. I imagine the refining of the current products isn't as challenging for him. Apple has the money to go with any idea they like. They are all about saying No to ideas they don't...
Well you could do something Different and write up your comments without the emotional drama. Honestly I'd be curious to see what kind of response you would get. I think you would get a very positive response. Who says you have to write emotional stories?
I nominate Marvin to write new articles for AI! Seriously, you have some great points and very well stated. You deserve a column of your own!
You guys LAUGHED at me when I posted a couple years ago that I thought Apple was making a car!
Remember, there's more to life than taxes.Besides, Apple is building that big spaceship corp headquarters. They are born and bred California. That's not likely to change.
That's a long chain of reasoning but I think it sounds plausible.
Ok I will argue with you on this point. The Internet in this day and age is a necessity. Not having internet is like not having a phone!Internet is what brings the world together and allows equal sharing of information. The printing press helped to spread knowledge back in its day, the common man could get ahold of a book instead of only priests and princes. Multiply the printing press times a billion and you have the Internet.To not have good internet access is a...
Ha! My favorite manipulation attempt was by the Shark Tank guy O'Leary who tried to talk down Apple's prospects a little while ago. I can't find the original article. O'Leary is always talking up Apple on the TV show. I read his dismal comments on one of the financial rags, the comentators all laughed at him.Hey, I read that the most popular options straddle for the earnings call put the range at 118 makes money. Does that mean most of them lost money? Lol.Sigh. Why can't...
If Apple manages to get a glucose meter on the back of that watch, Katy bar the door! I wonder how far along that is.
New Posts  All Forums: