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sorry, but Google BOUGHT Keyhole which already had mapped the world (and Mars). I used to subscribe to Keyhole back in the day. Well, they did add to the data set that was there at least. But it sure as hell wasn't something they 'tried', it was something they 'bought'.
Yeah he predicts a lot of junk. Shameless stock manipulation .
Getting warmer you are. Apple's recent acquisitions are a clue that they plan a giant interface one-stop shopping for everything from books to radio to TV. Sure the cable cos are nervous now, but I say this thing comes sooner than many here think. I am betting that Apple will create a win-win situation that makes the cable networks reconsider their profit model. As in: 'we'd be crazy to not do that!'I doubt Apple really wants to get into content creation. They'd need...
For the iPad? I don't know. I was perfectly happy with the iPad 1, but when retina screens came out bought a 3. Both still work great despite me using them nearly half the day long for years. They just don't break, IMHO.When a touch ID version comes out with the smaller bezels I'll probably get one and then we can have an upstairs, downstairs and travel iPad ( iPad1 for travel in case it gets lost plus it has a cellular card). After that, I guess we could always get...
I love that Apple has gotten such vindication for its business strategies lately. Does anyone remember that Apple *used* to be cited as THE classroom example of one of the biggest business blunders in history? You know, Harvard Business school used to teach that Apple was so foolish to try to make the hardware when the money was obviously all in making and selling the software like Microsoft did. Lol. Methinks a lot of the analysts still think this crap. Not me, I never...
Ok got to look that up. I, for one, can see immense usefulness in such an idea. You know, like, seeing what's really going on down on the surface level of the planet!
Indeed! Can anyone find the story from over a year ago where the head guy at Samsung went on a long vacation (which he usually does only when about to make major shake ups)...he came back saying something about their phone division being a drain on the company...Excuse me, I'm off to hunt down that story. I know I remember reading it. Was surprised the phones didn't get axed back then. Maybe there was desperate pleading that gave them more time. Now, I would not be at all...
I nominate this for Post of the Year.
'Auntie Mame' is amazing example. Although, I believe they had a super large film frame to work with. In the digital version you can see every pore on the actors' faces and it is a bit much even, as in 'unintended resolution' by the film makers. Lol.
apple does support BluRay, they just chose not to include the reader/burner hardware, as part of their famous method, trading off between price and desirability. They hit the sweet spot for functionality, I believe it is their forté. You can buy a DVD player/burner for fairly cheap.
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