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For me, the proof was in the response this past Christmas when we got all the grandkids and their parents iPads. They ripped them open with a passion and exclaimed " It's an Apple iPad!!! OMG OMG!! we thought you got us one of those cheap Nooks or something but it's a real iPad OMG OMG!!" That said it all. never seen such excitement.
What if Apple does or must pay this fine? Wouldn't that be a huge precedent to go back to court to challenge Samsung Google and all the rest? Obviously that is what they want to do. They could win again. Then how much would those companies be fined? Same as Apple or more, because they have so any handsets? LOL. Also, what controls a company that refuses to pay like Samsung?
Business is business however Apple isn't really out to cut off anybody's head. That ain't them. If they cut off somebody's head it would only be because they were literally standing in the way brandishing a weapon. Otherwise, Apple would just go around or change direction. There's no need for that kind of drama most of the time.
somewhatt'd be great to have an Apple search engine, especially with no ads, or fewer ads. I am saying, that they would only do this if it were in their chain of things-that-make-sense for any given pursuit. I still think Cook was referring to 'other' projects when he listed Google as their main competitor. It wasnt android, and Apple isn't really doing seach yet, so what was it? I could almost see the image of a car in his eyes, but then, I'm biased. It looks like...
That's just it. I don't think Apple is particularly interested in search. They also don't seem to want to tear down competing tech corps for defense or any of that stuff.Apple just does what they are interested in and the chips fall in the direction they pursue. If they really wanted to do the thermonuclear option they would only do it as a consequence of what they are working on regardless of such concerns. As TC said, 'it's a long game' (phones).
Agree that these vans are for mapping most likely. What a whirlwind news cycle we have nowadays. Half of you are sick of hearing about the car, the van and all of it. Lol
Eh, I worry a little bit about the car rumor, because I think it is true to the max.But then, I also worried a lot more years ago when Apple made the decision to open retail stores (visions of the Gateway implosion).I needn't worry though. They will likely do well with it. At the very least they are sure to have a sries of exit ramps at every stage. What will they make? I doubt it will be any interface for most makes of cars, simply because of the large number of computers...
WOW. I knew the Amazon flying drone delivery service was a poor idea and would be regulated out of existence. This is what the new regulations look like! A thirty second pause to think is all that's required to spot the thousand reasons why this is a no-go. Can you imagine the security nightmare? These things are not track able by radar. Nuff said.
When Tim did a TV interview last year he as asked who he thought Apple's competitors were and he answered 'Google'. I thought that sounded odd, I guess he was talking about Android, but? Considering the Car idea, maybe it makes sense. Jonny Ive has said he most wants to design a car next. I imagine the refining of the current products isn't as challenging for him. Apple has the money to go with any idea they like. They are all about saying No to ideas they don't...
Well you could do something Different and write up your comments without the emotional drama. Honestly I'd be curious to see what kind of response you would get. I think you would get a very positive response. Who says you have to write emotional stories?
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