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Wasn't there an article here recently that Intel was planning on making a tablet of its own? Not sure I trust them.
I still say that sooner or later fundamentals will take over the driver's seat for stock prices.
I hope they split the stock, just for psychological reasons. People compare Apple's price to Google's, not considering that Apple has already split ~4 times, last time in 2005. Google hasn't split at all.   Jim Cramer should be under investigation. Sheesh they all have the same defense, 'everybody else says these same things I heard it from them'.  Do they all drink at the same bar? Cramer, though, has an obvious mental illness. If you watch the video those quotes are...
There might be a good demand for wearables, even in a watch form, (obviously not for wear by workers in fields that require heavy duty hand use, unless also available in other form factors) I am a lifelong wristwatch hater, they drive me crazy, lame stupid timepieces. I've been offered fine watches and don't want them. I know many people who love their watches. Etc. blah blah blah. However, for some reason I got mad that the original watch size Nano was redesigned...
Along with this theory I would add the bit about Goldman Sux selling those instruments levered to the stock price, that individuals lost so much money on. Hmmm.. I seem to remember Cramer months back saying how he didn't like the company he was keeping while invested in AAPL, too much like investing with the Penny Stock guys....could he have been referring to the Goldman Sachs sucker play? Then a few weeks after that Cramer said something about 'the stock [AAPL] needs ...
Apple has a duty to its shareholders to run the company well etc. etc. The whole Greenlight proposal, indeed much of Wall street's ideas I would describe as extortion. These are like, their demands. You kidding me?
Okay, I've been using it, but several times now I noticed the search bar said something like http://secure.google.com, war does that mean? Do they use google as their engine?I just tried it again and I isn't doing that at all. ??Anybody know why there might be a lot of military brass all over gOogle hqtrs? Heard it third hand...
Really interesting viewpoint, thanks
Great post!
Maybe dated to you, but a la 'a computer for the rest of us' ... many people are just getting into the ecosystem. They LIKE the familiarity.Me, I'd just as soon redesign an interface repeatedly, but I learned firsthand how upsetting that is to most users. One of the first rules of designing interfaces is don't go changing everything around!
New Posts  All Forums: