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...I'm into 7 figures now! I faint at the thought of 150/ share.
Digital clips wrote : " I guess it is possible they initially were, but after three years trying to sort them out .... you gotta wonder!" I know what you mean. When WF debited our account for ~1K I didn't give them any more chances. They weren't going to put back the money until I threatened to call a regulatory agency. They had actually taken a deposit slip from a biz in FL and ran it like a withdrawl slip in another state...because, get this...the total on the slip was...
To be fair, consider the screwups are due to First Union. I have first hand experience of how much FU screwed up systems and accounting. For decades
Just remembered to look for the quarterly results. Holy freaking Cow!!! I was expecting middle to upper level of their previous guidance but this is crazy good. Que up the analysts to say Apple 'sandbagged' the guidance last quarter, ha ha. And the new guidance is just nuts! Revenues of 63-66! Crikey if that number is sandbagged.....! Sooner or later stock price has to move or we're back to a 9 p/e for a company with double digit growth. Effing analysts.
Bingo. I knew somebody else would mention it.
Excuse me dude, but I said 'touchpad iPhone'...that's what I meant anyways. Touch ID. I usually do read a lot of posts here, but I just thought of that. So easy to hack 4 digit number. I have a 5s so I just tried it. Swipe to get to the password number screen. Can it be set up without the number password and only use the Touch ID I don't know.
Um, methinks the agency doth protest too much. There's this little point of logic I can't get around...when you turn on a touchpad iPhone you can always swipe to get to the number password screen. That password is a 4 digit number or any number, it can be brute force hacked really easily. Am I missing something here? I haven't read all the comments here so apologies if someone else has posted this already.
Not only can we expect this every year, we can expect it constantly. Sammy is in full panic mode and will keep trying new ruses. I expect they've been planning much of it all year, but I'm not sure they have even that much capability in-house. Who knows.Somebody else said it here first, Apple has become a celebrity mobbed by paparazzi.
Yup, three 'scandals'. Hey I've been riding this Apple train long enough to know that company represents a challenge to ALL their competitors to try and take them down.This smells just like something either Samsung or Hedge Funds would do. Eventually, if we get enough dueling motives it will not work at all for the manipulators.Ya, there was an issue with the iOS update, for those who did it wirelessly. Apple will never be perfect, but I think they are pretty darn good....
Hey that's interesting. I have a Pixelcorps Tshirt... I used to be a member a long time ago, they had good tutorials. They were first to recognize the value of Twitter, right when it had just been born. Alex seems to be in the know pretty early for some stuff.So I gather they are still around? Will have to look them up again. How do you know of them?
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