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YES!! Dear Uncle Carlpants!!Ahahahaha! What a coincidence you are related to him..BTW, just curious, who is 'Mr. Smarts' that you keep replying to?
This is conventional thinking. Do you think Apple got where it is by conventional thinking?I'm sure there are better ways to finagle cash than what they are currently doing,but perhaps they are at a crossroads?Suppose they wanted to do something entirely on their own?again? Things that cost 80B to set up?Lots of things come to mind.>>Will they do robotic gaming or medical equipment...or cars? We don't know. And they don't want to tip their hand.Perhaps they know what comes...
Itchy itchy ooo ooo why do they need all that money?It's burning a hole in your pocket now is it?What the hell do you know about what kinds of acquisitions/plans/infrastructure Apple might be budgeting for? All you know is that is too much money not to give you some of it.I think the board probably has a better view of what is coming up than you do. I think they do stuff for a reason. It may look like they are just sitting on that pile o cash to you but, well, we will all...
I voted our 1400 shares with the board. Screw these hyenas stalking the herd. There's a reason we bought the stock. I don't see any reason to abandon this investment position. A lot of noise out there. It's hard to hang in there, but the alternatives make me more nervous. Go bank of Apple!
Spot on. I would love to see the licensing details. What will Scamscum do when they feel undermined? Wll be interesting to see. Poor ol google can't do a straight up deal, everything is double spy handicapped because they ar a*holes.Ahh, Apple's problem is they are a straight shooter. Get punished for that 'nievete' until... The market crashes and there is a flight to quality. Bank of Apple, Yeah!
When do you think it will hit 530 again? Next year? By then they will have released the next new thing...right?
As for next quarter's lowered guidance, why would analysts expect Apple to sell more the quarter after the winter holidays? ?? They are a consumer product tech firm. . This time they beat the EPS and Gross Revenue numbers. So the analysts comeup with the number of phones sold as their complaint? Every qtr it is something else that they miss Also there is deferred revenue. And the 14 to 26% increases in sales of software, apps, iTunes. Nope. Analysts will never get...
Hmmm. Icahn talks to the board regularly. He buys at the year highs and the year lows. He calls the stock a 'no-brainer'. Wonder what he knows about the upcoming pipeline? That'll do pig, that'll do.
@sog35 AAPL is discounted by the street because they are 'just a hardware maker' ?? So how come all those other companies that are only a '_' have a PE of 20 or 50 or more? Don't get me started on Amazon. When will Wall Street be rational? (Never, I know) So then, 15% growth = 15 PE. Maybe. Maybe jealousy is a factor. Since apple is the company to beat and all. There seems to be a relentless corporate espionage level campaign to take apple down and is succeeding...
@Sog35 At what point would you say tat AAPLhas undergone a complete technical breakdown and can subsequently be viewed like other stocks in its sector? Or, is it such a high flyer like XOM and must be held to 9-13 PE forever ( unless it sells an order of magnitude more than usual?) Just wondering, like my life depends on it
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