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Really interesting viewpoint, thanks
Great post!
Maybe dated to you, but a la 'a computer for the rest of us' ... many people are just getting into the ecosystem. They LIKE the familiarity.Me, I'd just as soon redesign an interface repeatedly, but I learned firsthand how upsetting that is to most users. One of the first rules of designing interfaces is don't go changing everything around!
I just want to say that I think Tim Cook is doing a great job. He has been doing a great job for a heckuva long time, all the while never asking for nor receiving any recognition under the long shadow of Jobs. Yes, Steve was great at shoving a recalcitrant partner into line, or anyone really, but it takes more than being loud and pushy to make a success the size that is Apple's. Tim has been doing the heavy lifting FOR YEARS now. Apple reached this level of success...
I actually get it that there are many people who only want 1 device, and for them a slightly oversized phone is the best of all worlds. I could see Apple making one just to round out their line...
Agree with Flaneur's big -picture predictions. However, timing is everything and I wonder WHEN we will get more of Apple's coolest stuff. It will get here when it gets here. I really can't wait until Hollywood is just one tiny subset of a giant content producing universe of talent throughout the world. The glass pipes are on the way regardless.
You and me both!!! Sick of them holding the reins on this stock. I had hoped with better relations with Wall street (aka Dividends) that some of this excessive trading would go away. It's interesting how many Hedge Funds have recently taken themselves private after hearing of the SEC's proposed rules. Some have simply paid back most of their investors and become 'private family firms' whatever that means. Sounds like an episode of American Greed on CNBC.If SJ were still...
I know that you happen to be among the few who can trade back and forth in choppy waters,, living on an island and all. I did read your previous analysis, it makes sense even to me. I just cannot trade that way ( don't know how) so my blunt strategy is to stay long as long as it makes sense. I just hate seeing the other longs in here get stampeded out of their holdings. BTW, thanks for your analysis. I may actually learn something.
Horse manure.
There ya go. You got the picture. Anybody here, if you are holding AAPL long, you got to STAY THE FUCK OUT OF THE TECHNICAL TRADERS' NETS!!!!!!!They got a million chart 'pictures' they can refer to, ( rationalize their crazy ideas with) and unless YOU are a day trader watching charts they will snare you. Don't sell stock based on their doom and gloom. How many cycles of this shit have I seen??? FIVE YEARS worth at least.. Yeah, apple can't go any higher because it's...
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