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Interesting. I sometimes wonder, though, why the large insurance companies didn't devise a product like this first. You KNOW they have every single record of yours going back decades, even if you've had to switch providers several times. It's in their financial interest to have the detail so they can find those fine points to dispute and not pay your claim, or rule that the expense was 'beyond customary' etc. All Insurers had to do was make this information available to...
Spam, you can block on mobile. See the user name to the left of their post....twiddle the arrow next to their name and select 'block user' from the drop down list. Easy.
I noticed they just skimmed through Healthkit and the Home Automation parts. I'm wondering... If Nike has ceased making fitness bands...then what? Just for starters. Really liked that this was truly a DEVELOPERS conference. I thought that the new enhancements and new code kits added to the programming kit were amazing. Eff the stupid analysts this whole thing just went right over their heads. Even with the Demos I doubt analysts can imagine what any of it could...
About that product release schedule....why DID Apple move everything to one big quarter of announcements? They started doing this a couple years ago. Hmmm. I do wonder why. Maybe they have 3 other entire categories of goods they will announce for the other three quarters? Like, Health and wearables in spring, education whizbang devices in summer and phones/computers/tablets in fall and winter? Or, maybe they are just releasing everything at once so the predators can...
Well said.
I think Apple is standing on good principle in defending its IP. Realistically, they don't even have to worry about their patents, they could just adopt a strategy of always staying ahead of everybody and not even worry about all the copycats scrambling behind them, they have the resources to do that for a long time. I know they would like to control what they license and to whom, but the patent trials are at least a way of getting a license payment and acknowledgement ...
Quote of the day!!
Pass the popcorn indeed. You sure sound like a lazy lawyer for Samsung or google .NOBODY will give you those answers. You will have to do your own work lol ...so get to work.
Who the F approved this at Apple.?.? If they intend to use iBeacons in advertising, the suggestion of 'walking through a minefield' is hardly the image they want to convey, lol.
New Posts  All Forums: