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They use the label 'Designed by Apple in California' because that has a lot more cachet than the generic 'USA'. It conjures up more specific imagery, movie stars, fancy cars, surfboards, wealth, casual elegance, and, the real Apple in particular, known for its cutting edge design.
Even the AI live coverage has a giant gap in it. My ATV started having buffer problems and then dropped completely during Craig Federighi's presentation. Is somebody fucking with their feed deliberately or is there a huge demand ??
Robin Huber, I also read your suggestion yesterday. I hate it, but I think you are correct. Apple will do its best to be an enlightened corporation, but it must act to balance the narrative. Does anyone know how much Amazon spends on lobbying? Besos also has friends on Wall St. The p/e on their stock price is so high it is meaningless. I wonder how long they can keep their 'we are expanding to rule the world!' narrative going I see Apple is cultivating Goldman a little...
The question I have for you all is what is wrong with a different 'style' CEO? Who the hell says a CEO can only be a brash assertive person? And NOW everyone admires SJ as a visionary? He was lambasted daily while he was alive as a cocky fool by the media. 'Reality distortion field' etc. Jobs was a visionary the whole time regardless of what was reported about him. Cook is different from Jobs, why can't he just do his thing without all this fuss? He's actually been...
You are correct Futureman. In addition to all that other stuff they are trying to juggle, Amazon was in a race with Spacex and another company whose name escapes me at the moment, to win a government contract. Spacex won, the other company won recognition but Bezos' model was rejected. I can see some major E G O at work here with mr.Bezos. What an airbag. This should be the classic American riches to rags story , the opposite of what I said in 1997 about Steve Jobs. I...
Ooh, a tablet with little bitty crunchy keys on it? Portrait or landscape? That's where they are going, back to the button keyboard, lol
I just changed my default search to Bing. Not out of any caring for MS, except to say Thanks for creating the 'Scroogled' meme. Really glad the meme has started now. Perhaps it will get people to wondering about things. Maybe the idea will gain repetition and traction. Hope MS does more commercials like this.
When it comes to the big three financial rags, Fortune, Forbes and Barron's, ther has scarcely been a single mildly positive article regarding Apple in the last year. Oh, throw in the New York Times. I realize they all get click bait revenue, but that doesn't explain everything because any article with Apple in it will get clicked on. No, it's almost as if somebody is paying them to run these negative articles. They make Apple sound like a Disaster, when, if they did...
Wasn't there an article here recently that Intel was planning on making a tablet of its own? Not sure I trust them.
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