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It looks like the location bar and search bar are one and the same; like the Awesome Bar in Firefox 3, URLs will auto-complete from bookmarks/history, and search terms will appear there as well (think Inquisitor or Google Suggest).
The comic book layout helped explain some complex ideas visually (e.g. diagrams of tabs-as-processes) and gave you a sense of what the browser would look like without actually showing screenshots. Maybe not entirely necessary, but at least interesting. Google would be crazy NOT to release a browser at some point, since it's their customers' primary way to access the company's services. Webkit gives Google a solid rendering engine to build on, but the browser app itself...
Almost certainly.
What's strange is that www.paradisedreamhouse.com/splash is hosted & created with Google Pages, but other pages (e.g. www.paradisedreamhouse.com/welcome.htm) appear to be hosted somewhere else, or at least created outside of the Google Pages sandbox. I use Google Apps for my mail/calendar, but host my sites on a completely separate server (Dreamhost). You may want to consider doing this as well if you need more control over the design of your pages.
This may have something to do with the way you're hosting/redirecting the domain. It looks like www.idigyardwork.com is in a frameset, so Mobile Safari loads idigyardwork.htm in the bottom frame and the URL in the location bar doesn't change. Two more things you can try: - Change "document.location.href=" to "top.location.href=" (add the "top" parameter to break the frameset). - Call your CSS file (and other files, like the favicon) with a backslash ("/") before the...
There's no telling yet whether Apple will be adding Exchange support (for free) to the current iPhone/iPod touch apps, or whether they'll be partnering with Microsoft on a (fee-based) mobile Outlook app with its own mailboxes, calendars, contacts, etc.
The number of pixels it captures is limited by the image sensor, so firmware wouldn't help.
I've never seen anyone dial an iPhone with the handset pressed to their head. You must have very dexterous earlobes.
No way to know for sure without looking at the actual sites, but here are two things you can try: - Change "document.location=" to "document.location.href=" (add the "href" property). - Instead of using