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I think the point is that these guys don't write iPhone software and were "boycotting" the app store on self-admittedly subjective grounds, based on only "what they heard" from their friends. Also, Gruber's blog is good, but he is a (self admitted) jerk at times with some very obvious biases of his own. He's largely responsible for pushing a lot of the "developer rejection" stories, and has had to retract his statements several times lately.
and the Ben Charny report linked to in the article above is just chock-a-block full of inaccuracies and unsupported innuendo as well. It seems that Phil is only responding to people who have a large audience and a bit of credibility but at the same time are spreading 100% manure. Gruber is usually the least biased of this whole lot, but he will print anything that any of his developer friends tell him to without questioning it at all.
I don't know where you get this from. Because one party put out some weak unfounded speculation that the tablet will arrive in September, it will be "disappointing" if they don't? You guys don't even believe this yourselves. Why stoke the idiots by promoting "disappointment" you don't yourselves even believe would be justified?
Anyone who would portray groklaw as a "biased freetard" has no credibility at all and isn't worth listening to. Sane people can disagree, but this kind of moniker is on the same level as calling Obama a "socialist." It paints you as an exaggerator at best, and more likely someone with a very big bias of their own.
Just to be picky ... Greed only pays in the SHORT term. It's an established fact that in the LONG term greed *doesn't* pay. Greed is a individual strategy for the short term only. That's why they call it "greed" in the first place (one of the deadly sins etc.).
The suit was amended to include possible "Jon Doe's" that may be involved in Psystar's operations, but there were multiple interpretations of that rather vague inclusion at the time. One of which is that the "Jon Doe's" referred to are actually the people in the OSX86 community that wrote the patches and hacks that Psystar ripped off for their business model. So while the current third party assumption has always been that Apple believes Psystar is involved in a...
I don't know what your particular problem is, but Safari 4 is definitely *not* "slower than Safari 3." Check out Apple support as it just shouldn't be that way.
I think they will take more market share as it comes (and they are currently gaining market share faster than any other browser), but the main purpose is to push Internet standards. Judged that way, they are the most successful browser on the planet as that's exactly the effect Safari has had on the market.
I agree with most of your reply, but I think this part is wrong. At least this has never worked for me. If I use iChat, I can use aliases (I think), but no one is *on* iChat and iChat is not integrated with anything else. I can use AIM by plugging in my MobileMe email address, but it only works with the original "real" email address, not with any of the aliases. I might as well use any client on any service (all of which are supported by everyone else), because iChat...
There's nothing to indicate that the music companies format will be open, quite the opposite. I bet the reason Apple wouldn't agree is either DRM or the inability to "break out" the tracks inside if you want to later on. The only thing I find interesting about this is the idea of a format war between the two so we can lay to rest the idea that Apple is "closed" once and for all. I'm betting Apple's format will make the other one look like the draconian nonsense it...
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