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Fools? A bit harsh. CarPlay is what Apple is all about...less fiddling with wires, devices, ports, etc. The automobile is the ultimate mobile device and I for one will not buy a car without it. It's like saying in the early 2000's, "I'm not going to buy an iPod, I already have all my music on cassette tapes!" Ugh. Also, the CarPlay you see right now is only the first step by Apple. Try to think of the potential. Anyway, why do I even bother? :) Best.
Just switched to DuckDuck go! :)
if it has applePay, Touch ID and connects to Applewatch which I think it will certainly do, I'm in for a white one or blue, with a matching watch.   I still like the "white" products from Apple. I have very fond memories of getting my first iBook, intel white MacBook and of course all the iPods, too.   Best.
TomTom was the most expensive App I've ever bought. Reg. $60, Xmas sale for $30. And it was one of the best Apps. This was way back when I traded in my original iPhone for a 3GS. Good times! :)   I liked how it would automatically switch to dark blue at dusk. And it kept beeping at me and I didn't know why...until it dawned on me that it was letting me know I was going over the speed limit.   The best thing about it was I set in an appointment location and it would...
I hate to sound like I'm piling on, but I agree with VF. Rarely do I buy a non-apple accessory. The design is never as good as Apple. They're usually clunky, too many wires, the aluminum doesn't match Apple's shades, etc., etc. Best. :)
One born every minute! :)
No thanks, Google. :(
Good.  :)
Does this mean I can watch Formula One on my AppleTV?
Very good point(s)! :)
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