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Well said....as a side note: The in-store iPad displays that accompany the AppleWatch are so superior to the iPads sitting on an acrylic stands next to the iMacs, MacBooks, etc.
Agreed...another half-hearted step to try and "not" give the customer what they want! Ugh.   On a side note...I find watching the NFL painful. According to the over-the-top commentary, every player is the "best at his position" and brilliant and intelligent! Ugh. 
Agreed. Brilliant. Why can't I ever think of something like that? :) Best
Hilarious! :) When I was 17, I was in a pool with my friend and there was a cute lifeguard. I started swimming and splashing as much as I could. I looked like a steamboat in the pool. She came up to me and said if I "knife" the water with my hand instead of slapping, I would swim better. I looked at her and said "Huh, OK." I  swam the length of the pool, did a flip turn like Tarzan. Came back to her and said, "Like that?" She said I was an a**hole. She was right. Best.
Pretty cool.   I'm always losing count of my laps. Swimming is probably one of the best health activities. No pounding on the joints, etc.   I work on my swimming mainly for the day I can't run the trails anymore.   After a run, swimming laps feels almost like a fully body massage. The water is great.  :)   Best
Good for them. 
I'm with you on that. Thank you Apple.
I hear you wizard...my 4s has a cracked screen and I think it's getting heavier! :)
I know we all know this. The 6s is going to be the same form factor with some speedier internals and better camera.   What I'm really interested in, is what happens to the 5c plastic form factor? Will the 5s go plastic, or will we get anodized aluminum colors? Will the 4s be discontinued.    I think Apple will want every iOS devise across the whole line to include ApplePay and fingerprint security.   Anyhoo...   Best.
Good for you....my daughter just got one and she loves it. 
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