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Not to pile on, but me too. :) I just couldn't take the time to "fiddle" with it enough to get comfortable. I prefer Notes. Just like I prefer iWork and Apple Mail and naturally gravitate to Apple software rather than third party variations. Apple incrementally improves them all enough to keep me satisfied. And then there's that "Apple integration" that I just love. Best.
Is the 2nd gen. going to be thinner?
Very funny! Really made me laugh. Best
Here's hoping (I think you're right!) :) We have an AppleTV planning on getting the new one shortly. We also have HBOGO or NOW (Can never remember!) Paying $14.95/mo. for mainly watching Bill Maher/RealTime and maybe a movie now and again or a couple of series.  I pay $1 per episode for CNN's Fareed Zakaria's GPS...that's about as much "television" as I can stomach. :)
I was thinking the same thing. If I leave Maps on my iPhone 4s gets hotter. Or am I imagining this? :) Best
Agreed. He's looking a little pobsy, too. :)
Me neither. :) I was just being deliberately obtuse. :) Best
A lot of people think this. But the rule is really for fashion "challenged" people. For those of us who fashion forward, these simple rules don't apply. :)
Yep, good points. This may be anecdotal, but it seems to me that runners sort of go overboard when either just starting to run or taking it up again. I know I did. I had to have an ipod/iphone, earbuds, Polar HR belt around my chest and Polar HR watch on my wrist, latest shorts, tops, hats, sunglasses, all sorts of flashing gizmos for night and not to mention all the kit for winter running. Now, I have a pair of running shoes, socks, shorts, a pair of $5 sunglasses and...
Hey pax, not sure this is where you are going but, being able to see your HR at anytime during a certain type of workout can be important. E.g., while running if you stay in an aerobic zone, you are burning fat as your fuel. I'm 57, my aerobic zone is ~123 (180-57age=123HR) It's hard to keep my HR that "low" while running trails and hills. If I go over that HR my body switches to anaerobic  which means I'm now using sugar in my blood to fuel my run. I want to avoid that...
New Posts  All Forums: