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Thanks Larry. I have my moments.  :)
Very funny! Usually it takes two people just to hold a mouse's small back legs apart. :)
Perhaps. Aston's are "Garage Art." Bently's and RR's are for plutocrats who don't care about 12MPG. The ICE is a relic, or a least the 12 cylinder is. To each his own, I guess. We'll just have to kill more dinosaurs! :) Jeremy Clarkson is a bit of a prat, But this video is very well done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q0Svvdrx_E
Me too. It took me awhile to get used to the trackpad on my iMac (got one when it first came out). Sold the magic mouse right away and never looked back. Since a lot of people are using Apple laptops, I think Apple was making the desktop keyboards/trackpads similar to the laptops so people wouldn't feel a difference going between machines. (I may be stating the obvious.) To me, I love the Apple keyboard, trackpad and the 21st century!   :)
Funny! :)
Yep, nice. Apple just keeps moving the ball fwd. Just brilliant designs. I can't think of any other manufacturer that has such attention to detail. Maybe, BMW with the i-cars, Toyota and the Prius.
Exactly, good point. :)
Thanks, why didn't I think of that? I'm "blocking" all the complainers... Best
Yep, good points. P.S. I do use Dropbox. Stevo should have bought it when he had the chance! :) Best.Yep, good points. P.S. I do use Dropbox. It's one of the best, if not the best solution. (Stevo should have bought it when he had the chance!)    :) Best.
Yep, "killer feature."  I heard a female guest/tech writer on the Clockwise podcast say a similar thing, "first world problem, I know, but I really like not having to pull my iPhone out of my purse every time." Also, she said she can check things on her watch more discreetly than looking at her iPhone, at meetings, lunch, etc. Best
New Posts  All Forums: