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Seven or eight years ago, I was in real estate with a brand new white iMac and iBook. Both the first generation intel white ones. They were beautiful.   However, all the real estate software/programs. i.e., MLS, Zipforms, broker's back office, etc., etc., were only available on Windows XP. And they were awful, clunky products. Just awful. They'd bring me down just having to use them.   Parallels saved the day. I was able to load it on both my Apples and load an $80...
I hear you, D. Best.
Probably not...but Google is not a company I can trust. Best.
I love just about everything Apple. When an updated iLife suite came out, I'd buy it right away and would enjoy reading about and exploring new features. I remember when their dedicated Podcast app came out, it was different than what I was used to but it was not very good and for a time I went back to iTunes and did not use the app. Now, with their improved app I'm back using it. I kind of feel the same way with the Apple Music app, just briefly looked at it and thought...
I agree with this...I don't want any Google products in my home.
Yep, Gator. Probably the best news show on TV. I like the fact that he interviews foreign journalists and foreign leaders. Rather than like most shows just interviewing other american journalists.  $1 a show on iTunes. Well worth it. Best.
I hear you z. I pay for HBO b/c of no ads. :) I never look at Hulu for that very reason. I deplore anything Google. I don't watch TV. I pay for Fareed Zakaria's GPS show via iTunes. 
I really like the gold on the iPhone, MacBook and iPads.   However, I like the size of my 4s or maybe the 5s size. I'll probably go with a blue "plastic"iPhone 5s (if it has the fingerprint security and ApplePay). And both a white and a blue band for a new AppleWatch.   If not, I'll go with a gold 6s, especially since I've learned I can run with the AppleWatch without lugging the iPhone around. :)   Best 
Funny. Sounds like a line from HBO's Silicone Valley show. :)
New Posts  All Forums: