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I basically have AppleTV for two things, watch the occasional documentary on NetFlix (their movie selection is crap) and viewing our photos on our TV with some light music in the background.   One, iTunes Radio blows...it keeps stopping.   The photo management/streaming blows....I have to wait 20 days to delete a fuzzy photo from my stream?   Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it is no fun anymore.   Best.
i hear you Red. Aston's are "garage art." If you enjoy driving a "loaner" Mustang.... a lot, get an Aston. :)
"...as long as I didn't have to stop." That's funny, Digi. I'm going to use it. :) I had a friend who bought a Hyundai when first introduced in the US (years ago). He told me if he wants to make an emergency stop, he just turns on the A/C. They were pretty junkie. Not so much anymore.  Best.
Bingo, John. :)
Good points, Pax. I lean towards the "Apple VW" concept, too.  (Za "people'z car.")  Maybe. :) Best
When it doesn't start...that's how you know it's English! :)
I found it rather interesting. :) Best.
I there anyone out there that thought allowing a cable provider to purchase a content provider would result in cheaper prices for the consumer? Ugh!   Thanks Apple. Maybe we'll get NBCSports (Formula one) on AppleTV now! :)   P.S. "According to a new book by Pulitzer prize-winning reporter David Cay Johnson, Americans pay four times the amount for net access than the French and 38 times more for net access than the Japanese. What's worse is that us Yanks rank 29th in...
That would be wonderful! :)
I hear you...but that gold MacBook has me intrigued. It may just be the last laptop I buy. I've been really trying to keep my "gadgets" at the bare minimum, iPhone and iPad, AppleTV, TimeCapsule and an aging original intel iMac that refuses to die. :) I may just say to hell with it and go all in with Apple and buy the next gen. iMac (Gold I hope), the gold MacBook and still have the iPads/iPhones, etc. I do look at them as marvels of engineering and to be honest enjoy...
New Posts  All Forums: