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This is why I love Apple! Only Apple looks at a "state of the art" phone (5s) and says, "How can we improve it? Make better ports!"  :)   My iMac has one cable coming out of it....the pwr cord. I don't even sync my iPhone anymore with the cable.    My (mis-guided) friends with Windows boxes have a myriad of cables and ugly power bricks all collecting dirt and dust around their desks. Ugh! The only electronics I have showing in my den are Apple. I have my wireless...
"Now is the winter of our discount tent! :) Richard III
I thought God sounds like James Mason?
Funny, Jung. :) Careful, my son....Or God may turn your jawbone into an ass! Hmmmm. I think that's how it goes? :)
Funny, Das. :)
I love it! Made me laugh. I mean, "Dig it!" Best.
"You gotta be daft to buy any tablet but an iPad." -John Lennon, circa 1969. :)   That should've been the headline! :)   Best.
Yep, good points, Wiz. :)
As much as I dislike just about everything MS has done, (except give Stevo $150 mill. and allow Apple to develop a much superior version of Office for the Mac), I hate to see this happen to people.   I know it's part of life, but it's tough to be one of the laid off workers. Tough on the families, too.   I wish them all the best! :)   Chris
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