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That would be wonderful! :)
I hear you...but that gold MacBook has me intrigued. It may just be the last laptop I buy. I've been really trying to keep my "gadgets" at the bare minimum, iPhone and iPad, AppleTV, TimeCapsule and an aging original intel iMac that refuses to die. :) I may just say to hell with it and go all in with Apple and buy the next gen. iMac (Gold I hope), the gold MacBook and still have the iPads/iPhones, etc. I do look at them as marvels of engineering and to be honest enjoy...
I must be fickle...I'd buy it b/c it's so thin, light and gold! :)
Exactly, Spam. It's what Apple does and nobody, I mean nobody else can do. They look at every aspect of the design and improve upon the impossible. What a magnificent feat of engineering and design. Just wonderful! :) Best
If she's anything like my daughter, consider the gold finish. :) Either way, great call. :)
I was wondering when the "gold" finish would make it to the Mac line.  Probably will make me get the laptop. Very beautiful. Well done! :)   Best.
Me too... :)
I'm not anti-rich, either. But I do think if you drive a car that gets less than 12 MPG...you're a tool.
Agreed! I felt Isaacson's was not very well done.  I look fwd to reading this biography. :)
Well said! :)
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