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I agree, Clemy. It looks so superior to the earlier square concept. That was too much like the Pebble. I hope Apple does indeed make something like this. They will show Nike and the rest how it's done.  Also, this looks like the first real application of a "curved' screen. The curved TV's and LG cellphones look novel but only seem to make the screen curved b/c they can. I know there is some benefit to viewing the curved TV's. Best.
Not quite true...agreed, your urine should not be too dark. If so, most likely, dehydrated. If too light (i.e., clear), most likely over hydrated and you are peeing out essential salts and electrolytes. In the morning, it's ok to me somewhat dark. Your urine should appear as a pale yellow or lime green throughout the day. Also, your poop should look like the top of an asparagus spear. And, as a minimum, you should be pooping after every time you eat. Minimum 3 times a day,...
Watch this vid. bro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQFpq9eruKw
On the surface, all good arguments. You are exactly right about legumes, fruits and veggies. (I don't seem to be able to get you to see the 94% of calories argument...it's not me. A 100% of my calories are from fresh fruit and veggies. I'm referring to the SAD diet-Stand. Amer. Diet.)   With all due respect, the facts don't bare it out. It's not a question of simply "agreeing to disagree."   100 years ago, heart disease wasn't even on the map. Now, it's the number one...
Too intellectual for me! :)   Best.
I guess...
A bit harsh. No?
Well, Andy, there's a lot there. I don't want to sound sanctimonious...but, 1. Not to put too fine a point on it, but OJ is in fact processed. You wouldn't normally sit down and eat 6-8 oranges in one sitting. But a glass of OJ is made out of 6-8 oranges and b/c of the processing has as much sugar as a soda. Which is to say, way too much. Much better to eat an orange and get the digestive benefits of the roughage, etc., w/o all the sugar. Might want to ask your...
Oh, I see. Yep. I take your point. I was thinking that iWatch would at least have a HR monitor on it fwding info to an App on your phone. You can buy a HR monitor watch (sans the chest strap) already.  I see what you mean about having patches, sensors, etc., as being a little ungainly. That's why I think Apple will go after the Health and Fitness end and leave the "Senior" health-care aspects to third party developers with the apps and "attachments." Best
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