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I just updated my resume on my iPhone using Pages. Emailed (PDF) to potential employer. All from my iPhone while having coffee at "fourbucks"! I love Apple!
Bingo, bro!
Last weekend I stayed with a friend and she offered her windows laptop to me to check my email. God, was it ever awful! I thanked and used my iPhone instead.
Thx for sharing. Very interesting to get first hand perspective. Sad for Nokia. But as u say, they were complacent.
Thx Bear. I'm waiting for apple's iWatch. I'm looking fwd to see what they will bring to the table as far as health and fitness.
I showed the heart rate app to my MD daughter. She immediately did not believe it. She grabbed my wrist looked at her watch and said the app was correct. She was impressed!
There are a million apps. Some good, some great. The reason I still subscribe to Macworld is they do all the work for me! E.g., 1password. Capo, etc.
I can't answer ur specific questions. But this App is highly recommended by Macworld magazine. It's always in their "must have" lists! Best
I like it. Here in the US a lot of us make fun of European regulations. There are 11 Toyota plants in Europe with zero landfill. I look at one US McDonald's restaurant and the amount of waste it produces every day is shameful. I applaud Apple for its efforts!
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