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Thanks for the link Thanks for the link, Geoff! :)
Perhaps a little off topic, but I remember Stevo saying something to the effect of Apple redoubling R&D when the economy got bad instead of laying people off. Apple has spent so much money hiring and training its people and when the economy does rebound Apple is positioned to take full advantage.   I wish more companies thought this way. In Germany (I think I have this right) BMW for instance, can't just layoff 1,000 workers willy-nilly. They have to go to half-time,...
Thanks Reydn. Usually when I read these posts I don't learn a damn thing. Not the case today! :) Best.
Funny! We'll make a detective of you yet, Watson! :) Best.
Funny! :) She just likes "everything" to match! :) I appreciate her attention to detail. ;) Best.
I got my GF the blue one.   Her toes are currently the same color!   Chics! :)   Best.
Wow! It seems like just a few years ago Apple was saying iTunes was a break-even venture at best. Good for Apple.   Best.
Not sure it's something I'd do...but it does look cool! :)   Great ad.   Best.
That's it! What's this "Google" you speak of? Just kidding! :) Stevo...genius at work! :) Best and thanks M.
I like it M! Thx! :) I remember seeing a photo of Stevo sitting at his desk in his home office. I was a little surprised that it wasn't green frosted glass with nothing on it. I was expecting a more spartan look.  It didn't look as bad as Einstein's. Just "comfortable!" :) I was also surprised he still had the old 30" monitor. I searched for the photo, but couldn't find it. It may have been in his biography. Best
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