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My first thought, too, Coolf. Just what the planet needs, more disposable plastic. I do like the idea of it being part of the washing machine though.
That makes sense about ApplePay, Clemy. And the C for me, too. Best.
If it is as light as the 5s and can do ApplePay, it may be the one for me.   As a runner I think the 6 is just too big.   Best.
Very funny! Made me smile. :)
I hope they put them up "straight!"​.... I took this photo in the Apple section at a Fry's Electronics a few years ago!  
I may be stating the obvious...but Samsung, Google, and MS seem to be always "playing catchup." And end-up producing harried, hodge-podge, clunky sw and hardware.   They need to take a deep breath and start planning a "best in class" product in each of their product lines...or not.   Yep, I just stated the obvious.
Lot of complaining about Apple's innovations, here and in the press.   I remember getting my "white" G3 iBooks back in the day. I thought is was so cool. Especially compared to the corporate colors of "Funeral" black and "Pallbearer" gray of the laptops from Dell and HP.   It was so refreshing and elegant.   I look at the gold macbook as a masterful piece of  engineering but also it is beautiful.    I for one will trust Apple in their evolutionary pursuit of...
"USB 2.0 also employs an infamous non-reversible Type-A connector. Many people complain that it's rare to properly plug in the connector on the first try."   Ugh! I hated this. I know there is a 50-50 chance of getting it right the first time....but it seemed like 90% I got it wrong. Thank you Apple.
Yep, pre-ordered it. Scheduled for delivery tomorrow.   I've got a stack of books to read but this will go to the top and probably be done by the weekend! :)     Best.
Hoping for a gold keyboard and trackpad to match the new gold iMac!   You heard it here first! :)   Best.
New Posts  All Forums: