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Bingo! Excellent point. this is what every company should be thinking. Get on iOS or die. Even MS has put Office on iOS.
That was my first thought, too! Pretty lame.
Google does not look at their income as earnings from creating something of value. Ergo, to them, it's just "free" money! No wonder they waste so much!
I remember a quote from Steve where he said something like, " in tech, u have to be 10 years ahead of the competition. Apple is 5 yrs ahead right now." It's part of Apple's ethos, a measured, methodical approach to all facets of their business. Not just HW, SW and advertising, but environmental impacts, labor, etc., etc.
You make good points and I don't mean to dismiss your comments.Asian companies have been stealing IP and producing subpar products for decades and I'm glad Apple has taken them to task. This may be naive on my part, but I will never buy a Samsung product. Unless it's in an iPhone, I guess!
Well said, bro.
Funny, radar! thx
What a good idea! Why didn't I think of this? Drats My last "idea" was, at 17, to join the US Navy ('77-'81) and become a navigator. Shooting stars with a sextant, 3 hrs. of maths to figure out position. Once just before dawn and once around dusk. Fascinating stuff. Now, it's all done instantaneously with GPS on a phone! Great! Best
Thanks Phil. Very good of u to say. Best regards.Chris
I hear u pax. I made a typo in the cover emailI sent with "mi" resume. It's on me for not proofing better. I'll be looking at the larger iPhone instead of getting an iPad mini.Best
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