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I like it. Here in the US a lot of us make fun of European regulations. There are 11 Toyota plants in Europe with zero landfill. I look at one US McDonald's restaurant and the amount of waste it produces every day is shameful. I applaud Apple for its efforts!
Thx Ben. I couldn't figure it out! Best
Yep, ur right, thx...I just tried it again (4s, ios7) and it plays in landscape. Hmmm.
I'm very fond of AI....and I know this is a "first world" problem, but why can't I watch the video in landscape on my iPhone? (Or is it just me?) And why does AI still have the old iOS 6 keyboard?
I agree radar...well said! Again, Nike's attempts at hardware leave a lot to be desired!
I was very early adopter with the Nike+ and the brand-new iPhone. I tried the precursor to the fuel band. It was awful as was a lighted armband I bought for running at night. The nike + GPS App is pretty good though. It is one of my most used apps. Seems to Nike senior management knows is going to get blown out of the water by Apple's new Iwatch
I agree. Very good of u to say!
I know this sounds naïve. But this is why I trust and love Apple! I remember when Apple shitcanned flash for iOS and when Steve was giving a Keynote and said Adobe always opens slowly. I deleted Adobe photo elements because of that reason and I decided just to stay with Apple software even though it was flawed at times. Eg. MobileMe, early Pages, Apple Mail, Notes on iOS, no cut and paste on first iPhone, Maps, etc. even with the minimal flaws, the interrelation between...
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