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Sorry, Pax. I don't follow? :)
Agreed! In 1960 the US population was 180 million. Unfortunately, the only population where smoking in not decreasing is young women. When I see Sean Penn (and others) on-screen with a cigarette "acting" it really frustrates me to no end. Best.
HaHa. I don't know, Jony and Stevo (before his illness) were looking a little pobsey! :) No disrespect to SJ. :)
Agreed, Patch. Along similar lines, I think it was David Brooks who said recently, (paraphrasing) If there was no poverty, we wouldn't have a crime problem, a murder problem, a health crisis, an education problem and on and on. Obviously, he realizes that you can't just wish away poverty but his point still stands. The mental health aspect is huge. It sounds trite to say it, but the drugs and alcohol abuse are, in some ways, their self-medicating attempts.  Best.
Thanks, Bro! :)
Good point about the age factor, Paxman. I would much rather be thirty and 30#'s overweight than 55-65 and 30#'s overweight. Much more difficult to lose the weight once you're old. I read somewhere (sorry don't recall the source), it's estimated that every pound of the overweight or obese population costs $50 in health care costs. My MD daughter is doing part of her residency at the County hospital and she says most people she is seeing are obese. Also, most with drug and...
Yep, a lot of considerations....I know you know this, but I think the M7 has been designed, i.e., low pwr demand for exactly the things you describe. In other words an always on approach.  Imagine the Apple iWatch on your wrist detecting your HR and sending it to your iPhone. Also, Heart Variability Testing is becoming quite popular. You wake up and before you get out of bed you take your HR and based on the results it can tell you if this morning is a good time to go for...
I was hiking with my MD daughter and I showed her an heart rate app, where I put my index finger over the iPhone camera lens and flash, hold for about 15 seconds and it gives me my heart rate.   She then held my wrist looked at her watch and got the same number. Pretty cool.  
With 3 out of 4 Americans either overweight or obese, I think Apple is onto something here.    People need something to show that as adults, they can't continue to eat like five-year-olds at a carnival!    I recently read a neurosurgeon said, when you're 30#'s overweight, you're pre-diabetic and when you're pre-diabetic, you get everything, i.e., High blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, inflammation, immune deficiency disorders, kidney disease, cancer...
Thanks H. :) I agree. The current crop of "wearables" is uninspiring, to say the least. It'll be interesting to see Apple's offerings!  Best.
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