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I don't see MS reinventing itself.   It's built on subpar products and rode a wave for a long time...too long.   Best.
Haha...Ok! :)
Thx, Island. I have a lot of respect for your posts! :) Best.
Good points; but it's rather simple to me...when Apple stock goes down, that's a gift....buy! Or am I missing something.
Very well said, mdriftmeyer. You could have a lucrative career writing Corporate Mission Statements! :) I still maintain, one of SJ's greatest contributions to tech was corralling SW/HW engineers and forcing them to produce user friendly products. One only has to walk around Best Buy (depressing in-of-itself) to see all the blue, grey, black plasticky horrible products most other companies are producing.  P.S. Just finished the new book Dogfight about Google and Apple....
Brilliant. Best post. Also, HP buying and sh*t canning Palm's WebOS. Copying Apple's model is way harder than it looks. And can't be done in a couple of years.
The inventor of the cell phone....sheesh.   I'm telling you...Google does not look at it as real money. They're making money on "clicks" for God's sake!    It's not like they earned it, it's not real money to them.   Best.
Don"t mean to be too preachy... but if you want to die, albeit very slowly, drink Red Bull!   :(   I used to pitch money making ideas to my CEO father. Not once did I think of creating a sugary, caffeinated, artificially flavored and colored  drink make of chemicals. If I had, I could be running a billion dollar Formula One team. Drats!    Taurine, or 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, is an organic acid widely distributed in animal tissues. It is a major constituent...
"Down but not out!" Give me a break.
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