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I hear you, provel. I think it's a matter of cash flow. Similar to buying a $200k home over 30 years. Yep, it'd be great to buy it cash upfront... But most can't do that. That $200k home ends up costing ~$400k over 30 years. (I'm guessing, here)Best.
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Yep, we just got my GF a new Prius C. She loves it. Her lic. plate is LV53MPG.As hybrids go, price wise, ur probably right. The Prius is a big seller in California, and the tesla is out selling, Lexus, MB, BMW, etc.When I said "premium" I was thinking more about compared to a similar gas only car. Me personally, I'd rather give the few thousand $'s for a hybrid to Toyota than OPEC. 53MPG vs. ~40MPG (gas only)I may be naive, but I look at as encouragement (-sp?) to Toyota...
Yep, Bro. Facebook, MS, google are not the sort of businesses I want to associate with.Why is it Apple, tesla (sort of), Toyota Prius, whole foods charge a premium, but I view it as well worth it? Hmmm
I remember when the Korean cars first came to the US market. They were so cheap that if you wanted to make an emergency stop, u just turned on the air conditioning. I recently rented a Hyundai elantra and after I got over the 15 different shades of plastic in the interior, it was actually pretty good in that I enjoyed the performance and the 40 miles per gallon.
Agreed, Pax. But having the cables and having to hookup everytime b/c of battery life is not convenient. But as u say, better than other options. The car manufacturers will put the screws to us for CarPlay-Apple's elegant solution
That was my first thought, too. My next thought was, the size doesn't look that bad.Hmm, do I want to carry a 5s and an iPad mini or just a 6? Decisions, decisions!
I will not buy a car that has MS or Android in it!
I heard Susie Oaks (very funny gal) on a recent Macworld podcast (Pundits Showdown-really recommend-very funny) say, "Apple should just buy BB for no other reason than to add a new wing to the smartphone museum! " Best
I bought my daughter and myself the original iPhones when they first came out. I gave her my white Intel MacBook to go to university, I bought her a macbookpro for med school and a 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, and an iPhone 5. When I look at the orig. iPhone compared to the 5s and the orig. MacBook (Intel white) compared to the MacBook Air or MBpro, it's incredible the difference btwn the products! I also bought her all the iPads... The mini is her fav. B/c it fits in the pocket of her...
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