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I thought God sounds like James Mason?
Funny, Jung. :) Careful, my son....Or God may turn your jawbone into an ass! Hmmmm. I think that's how it goes? :)
Funny, Das. :)
I love it! Made me laugh. I mean, "Dig it!" Best.
"You gotta be daft to buy any tablet but an iPad." -John Lennon, circa 1969. :)   That should've been the headline! :)   Best.
Yep, good points, Wiz. :)
As much as I dislike just about everything MS has done, (except give Stevo $150 mill. and allow Apple to develop a much superior version of Office for the Mac), I hate to see this happen to people.   I know it's part of life, but it's tough to be one of the laid off workers. Tough on the families, too.   I wish them all the best! :)   Chris
All due respect to Blasty...I agree with you on this sog. IBM has the cred. to go into any firm and say everyone should have an iPhone, iPad and Mac today and it would increase efficiency 10x's within a week.
Brilliant gtr!
This is what MS will end up doing. You heard it here first. :)   They will end up being "consultants" where all you have to do is "talk" a good story. Same with HP.   Oh well, pretty soon we will all be selling insurance or "sugary" food to each other, anyway! :(   Best.
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