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Hang in there, Bro! :) Best.
I take your point, Relic...and you're right. But in this case, I think Solip, makes a good point. I remember Stevo saying words to the effect, "In tech you have to be 10 years ahead and Apple is about 5 years ahead." This is around the time of the iPhone release. I think. Solip is right is not just matching a product release, but matching the sales volume, too. I hadn't thought of that.  Anyway,  Best.
Yeah, you're right, Jack. Reading is over-rated! :) Best.
I thought it odd, too, DIH.... Source: Arizona Republic Ken Colburn Founder and CEO of DataDoctors: http://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/2014/08/06/steps-protect-russian-hackers-breach/13690497/ Best,
I have 1Password for my iMac, iPhone and iPad. I just read in the paper today, that a password such as "Ihatepasswords" is  better than "#wsyfgr59sgoa."   Oh well.
This is why I love Apple...what other company is so dedicated to constant improvement? The only one I can think of is McLaren's F1 team.   Best.
A few years ago I'd see mostly iPhones being used by people like my daughter's friends...all doctors. Now I see more regular people using them, too. And when I say "regular" people, I mean more goofballs! Go Apple! :)   Best.
I've always liked thinner fonts and was using thinner fonts way back in 1998....and that's just about where all similarities btwn Apple and I begin and end! :) Best! 
Great idea! :)
Hey good idea, Bob. I'll go to Apple's website from now on. Thx. :) "As for complaining....(maybe the entire internet)" made me smile. :) Best
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