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"Down but not out!" Give me a break.
Looks pretty cool.   I first read this headline hoping it was evidence that Apple was working on a DSLR. Little chance, I know. But I would def. buy a DSLR if it had some variation of iOS7 in it.   Only Apple can clean up the clunky DSLR interfaces that are out there right now.   Oh well.   Best.
Wow! We're in agreement! Just like Verizon's top management needs to be fired! Forward thinking? More like more foreskin than foresight! :) Best.
Federighi will be the next Apple CEO.
 :) The flag was one of the first things I noticed, too. I was looking for frosted glass Apple logo in over the door. Very classy and very Apple! :) Best.
Well said, Patchy! :) I like minimalism, too. Except when it starts looking like a scandinavian sanatorium! :) I have a friend who likes modern furniture and it looks like a Hyatt went out of business and sold all the furniture in their foyer. My GF calls it "early Orthodontist!" :) Best. P.S. You didn't like my "...office building, school or a cyanide factory" quote? :) 
I love the way Apple respects a city's architecture.   I can't remember which famous architect said it, "we get the architecture we deserve." He was talking about modern architecture. I think.   With most modern buildings I can't tell if they're an office building, school or a cyanide factory.    Best!
"...slurping down data..." What are 15 all of a sudden? Best.
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