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"...a moment of panic." That's funny. Made me smile. :)  Best
Good to know, Jfc1138. Thx.   I have handled them at the Apple store and you're right they are, indeed, very light.   I'll take another look at the 6.   Yep, I'm not a fan of cases.   Best
Just a personal note: I'm running with the 4s and really appreciate Apple supporting it as far as most of the features of iOS8. It is noticeably heavier than the 5s but I do like the size compared to the 6 and 6 Plus which feel a little oversized to me.   As much as I like to keep things simple and minimize the number of devices I own and carry, I think I'm going to get an iPad 3 Mini and wait and hope Apple introduces a smaller iPhone than the 6 with all the latest...
That was my first thought, too, Ikrupp. I remember those stories about Japan. I don't remember the specifics, but I think I read the iPhone is doing very well in Korea as well. Good for Apple. Best
I got my GF an AppleTV before Xmas. She has an iPad and an iPhone 5, no mac.   I loaded 4,000+ photos of hers from my work computer (iMac) using her iCloud Drive.    All the photos show up on both devices, but for the life of me, I cannot get AppleTV to see or show the photos! Ugh!   I've not kept up with Apple lately, I still run SL on my original intel iMac (can't upgrade OS-it just won't die), I have a 4s running iOS8. Sold my ipad a few generations ago and sold...
  This was my favorite phone of all time. It was basically the size of used bar of soap. I bought one for myself and my daughter. I prefer a smaller phone and I'll use my iPad for everything else.
That's my plan, too rcone! :)
Agreed! And you are, in a sense, "always driving a new car!" Essentially, trouble-free driving. Best
Wow! Good word, "sapient." And, you used correctly in a sentence. :) I'm impressed.  Best
Agreed, Pu. I'm in the market for a new Ext. HD and will be getting Apple's TimeCapsule instead of much cheaper HD's. Best
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