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Yep, ur very welcome! A once in a lifetime event! Glad you enjoyed it, Bro. I know from Elvis' base to the "whatever that thing was called" for the intro to Strawberry Fields. When he said, "I can see John sitting right over there in the corner!" Magical! :) The best part for me was seeing the chords for "I've Got A Feeling" song from Let it Be. I've been trying to play that song on my guitar for 30 years. B/C of that video I finally got it. (Sort of!) Best regards, Chris
Yeah, I agree. But Jimmy Fallon does have a unique way of connecting with musicians. I remember he and Mick Jagger clicking on SNL, back in the day! Jimmy Kimmel "connects" similarly with tall, thin, and very handsome men. :) Best.
Agreed. One of my most enjoyable experiences lately (musically) was finding Paul McCartney's "Live at Abbey Road" video...the whole thing is on YouTube (in parts). He's basically in the Abbey Road studio of Beatles fame, showing how everything was done. He makes it look so easy!  But then again, he is Paul McCartney.  Check it out.  Best.
I agree...brilliant idea! Why can't think of things like this? You could put me in a room for a million years and I would not have thought of that! :) P.S. My best idea to date is to download some free flamenco guitar music off the internets. Burn some CD's. Print some covers for the CD cases and go to the local Art Fairs with a sound system and two guitars sitting in stands and sell the CD's for $17 a pop. I would sit there with my arm in a fake cast....cuz I can't play...
Glad you liked it....Coconut oil; I noticed that too. I also like to add an avocado...If your blender is strong enough (Vitamix) you can add the pit, too. Another tip I picked up is if your veggies are organic, kale, cucumber, carrot, etc., you don't need to peel of wash. I guess the dirt is good for you! :) If not organic need to wash and peel.  About the beets, supposedly they are really good for energy...but like I said, I'm not hard-core enough for them, yet! Best...
I really thought this was where Apple was going....relatively inexpensive, super-small, super-thin, super-light devices (iPhones and iPads) connected to iCloud/iTunes where all our stuff is.   We don't need laptops with 2 TB hard drives.   Am I missing something?   Best.
Haha, PatchyThePirate! :) Interesting you mention "sleep!" It's so important to good health. I consider it one of the three pillars of good health, exercise, nutrition and sleep. Sleep (Deep) is crucial in recovery of the cells after exercise.  P.S. It all starts with Kale, Bro! :) I make enough in the AM, have a big glass and then put in a thermos type bottle and sip it all day. I also make another one as a recovery drink after a long run. It's about reducing the acidity...
Yep, I agree, Gatorguy!
Happened to my daughter. Got thru 2 years of college with her Sony Viao...it died. I gave her my MacBook (and a brand new 1st gen iPhone) which got her thru college and the first two years of Med School. I replaced it with a MBP. The macbook kept going and going and I sold it to get an iPad2.
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