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Yep, "Beam me up, Luke!" :)
:) Yeah, if you want to "navigate" around Macy's! :)
Yep, I was a navigator in the U.S. Navy in the late 70's early 80's and bought a Casio calculator watch ($80) and it was one the handiest things I ever owned. At the time. The most accurate form of Navigation (pre-GPS) was, Piloting. That's where you take sights of three lighthouses while steaming along the coast and plot them on your chart to get your position. Celestial navigation (Sextant) is used when you're out of sight of land and too far for radar. But when out at...
Yep, but first it all has to spend a year in Best Buy gathering dust! :)
Agreed. If you can "do" the work on an iPad, it's just more fun than using OSX, a KB, a mouse/MP sitting at a desk in a cubicle in a windowless building. The iPad has made me rethink my work flow and I've taken major steps to simplify it and, as you say, add Apps to use on the iPad. It's made a huge difference. Not only is there a "fun" factor but, it's more efficient and easier! :) It reminds me of when I got my first iBook laptop (back in the day). Even though it wasn't...
Best post of the New Year! :) Brilliant, Eriamjh! :)
Now that's funny! :)
"it's no secret that Apple wants to push the creative aspect of its mobile devices, which are still seen largely as consumption gadgets."     ...gadgets?
Dude, get some sleep!
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