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I agree radar...well said! Again, Nike's attempts at hardware leave a lot to be desired!
I was very early adopter with the Nike+ and the brand-new iPhone. I tried the precursor to the fuel band. It was awful as was a lighted armband I bought for running at night. The nike + GPS App is pretty good though. It is one of my most used apps. Seems to Nike senior management knows is going to get blown out of the water by Apple's new Iwatch
I agree. Very good of u to say!
I know this sounds naïve. But this is why I trust and love Apple! I remember when Apple shitcanned flash for iOS and when Steve was giving a Keynote and said Adobe always opens slowly. I deleted Adobe photo elements because of that reason and I decided just to stay with Apple software even though it was flawed at times. Eg. MobileMe, early Pages, Apple Mail, Notes on iOS, no cut and paste on first iPhone, Maps, etc. even with the minimal flaws, the interrelation between...
Global cumulative Prius sales reached the milestone 1 million vehicle mark in May 2008,[6] 2 million in September 2010,[5] and passed the 3 million mark in June 2013.[7] Cumulative sales of 1 million Prii were achieved in the U.S. by early April 2011,[8] and Japan reached the 1 million mark in August 2011.[9]. I'd say that's pretty good!
"Tesla Outsells BMW, Mercedes And Lexus In America's Wealthiest ZIP Codes". Forbes 10/31/13."It’s not surprising to me that Silicon Valley dominates Forbes’ 2013 list of wealthiest American ZIP codes. Nor that Tesla electric cars are popular in the Bay area, since the company is headquartered in Palo Alto (not to mention it gets you a sticker to drive alone in the carpool lane).What is surprising, though, is that the Tesla Model S is the best-selling car in eight of the 25...
I hear you, provel. I think it's a matter of cash flow. Similar to buying a $200k home over 30 years. Yep, it'd be great to buy it cash upfront... But most can't do that. That $200k home ends up costing ~$400k over 30 years. (I'm guessing, here)Best.
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Yep, we just got my GF a new Prius C. She loves it. Her lic. plate is LV53MPG.As hybrids go, price wise, ur probably right. The Prius is a big seller in California, and the tesla is out selling, Lexus, MB, BMW, etc.When I said "premium" I was thinking more about compared to a similar gas only car. Me personally, I'd rather give the few thousand $'s for a hybrid to Toyota than OPEC. 53MPG vs. ~40MPG (gas only)I may be naive, but I look at as encouragement (-sp?) to Toyota...
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