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Any business that's not on the iPad/ iPhone is just foolish!
Agreed. Although, I admit, I use Google Search. Begrudgingly! I dislike MS more than Google so I don't use Bing. I try to use Siri as much as possible. (I know, Siri uses Bing-but it's feel the same as on a desktop) I would use an Apple Search Engine even if it wasn't on par with Google.  Best.
No thanks. I don't want anything MS on my iMac, iDevices, in my car, in my home or in my life.   MS you screwed it by supplying subpar software! :)   Best
I've always been reluctant to have a keyboard on my iPad. I don't even like cases or anything else for my iDevices. I like them naked.   My GF got an iPad and insisted on a keyboard. I must admit it is pretty cool. It's a Logitech with a fabric orange outside and a white rubbery keyboard. She loves it and says it's the best laptop she's ever had.   When I met her she had POS Windows laptop that had to be plugged in all the time b/c the battery would not hold a charge....
Me too. Except I don't use anything Google, except search. What Apple has done with iWork is just brilliant. I put all my GF's spreadsheets on her iPad using my iMac. They are now on her iPhone and also her work PC (Ugh!) using iCloud. And everything just sync's perfectly. She loves that you know longer have to hit "save!" Granted, I setup all the forms on my desktop iMac and she is updating them on her iPad. But once setup, it's a breeze. I find Word overly complex and...
Bingo! Well said. Best post.
Or how about when the invited guest is interrupted by the interviewer before they can get three sentences out. Or cutting off the guest b/c they "only have a few seconds left." Ugh! :)
Agreed! I find CNN's Anderson Cooper unwatchable, as he "um's" and "err's" his way thru interviews. It's too annoying! :) Can't anyone on CNN talk extemporaneously anymore? Using complete sentences?  Best.
Agreed. That seems to be the price point for me, too.
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