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I heard Susie Oaks (very funny gal) on a recent Macworld podcast (Pundits Showdown-really recommend-very funny) say, "Apple should just buy BB for no other reason than to add a new wing to the smartphone museum! " Best
I bought my daughter and myself the original iPhones when they first came out. I gave her my white Intel MacBook to go to university, I bought her a macbookpro for med school and a 3G, 3GS, 4, 4s, and an iPhone 5. When I look at the orig. iPhone compared to the 5s and the orig. MacBook (Intel white) compared to the MacBook Air or MBpro, it's incredible the difference btwn the products! I also bought her all the iPads... The mini is her fav. B/c it fits in the pocket of her...
Agreed! Not a big fan of Adobe. And really abhor subscription services. I don't like companies dipping into my checking acct. every month! Thanks, but no thanks.Best.
I agree with the positive posts above. I think it was brilliant of Apple to redesign the iWork suite. And to make it free. Compared to MS Word and excell, iWork is a dream! Best
I hear you mstone...I didn't have as quite an elaborate setup as you, but I did sell all my mics, headphones, cables, speakers, midi piano, midi interface box, guitar cables, pickups, mic stands, music stands, Martin guitar/case and guitar stands, etc., etc. My intent is to end up with an iPad Mini (GarageBand), a Martin acoustic guitar (hung on the wall), a blue tooth wireless mic, a BT wireless headphones and a few apps. But no cables, boxes, or pwr bricks. Especially,...
Agreed! Did you see the photo of what he described? It looks like Windows/PC's early attempts at "wireless" keyboards and mice. I.e., a USB dongle with an infra red "eye" sitting on the tower. Wireless? Just need a couple of wires to be wireless! Typical PC stuff! :) Best.
ur kidding, right?
Any business that's not on the iPad/ iPhone is just foolish!
Agreed. Although, I admit, I use Google Search. Begrudgingly! I dislike MS more than Google so I don't use Bing. I try to use Siri as much as possible. (I know, Siri uses Bing-but it's feel the same as on a desktop) I would use an Apple Search Engine even if it wasn't on par with Google.  Best.
New Posts  All Forums: