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Yep, Danox, it's going to be very interesting to see how Apple's approaches this! :) Best
I think Google looks at it as "free" money!  I don't think they even think they "earned" the billions spent on Motorola... Best.
I'm looking fwd to it, too, darthW! :) I would guess, they probably want to make sure it "compliments" the Apple eco-system! :)
 Do the lawyers still get paid?
Yep. Thx. Don't want too sound negative, but I'll wait for Apple's take on a watch! :)   Best.
I agree, Applesauce.  I know a lot people think that the new iWork is a step backwards. But I think the ease of use and the syncing between all devices is just amazing! Plus iWork keeps you in Apple "eco-system!" Which makes emailing, printing, sharing, saving, accessing, updating, etc., etc., so, so easy! :)  Best.
You didn't call him a "moron," Skil. In fact, you haven't called someone a moron or told them to "shut up" for a while now. Everyday is a "new record!" :) Good job! :) Best.
I agree tjwal...Numbers is not for the Pro's as far as spreadsheets go, or so I've read. (I'm not a spreadsheet pro.) But once they are set-up, (iMac) they're pretty easy to keep updated on the iPad. And it forces you to keep things simple. I think most average users find excel unnecessarily difficult to use, and they often don't get to making them look pretty. Or even printed in the "center of the page," for that matter! :) I'm pretty adept, for a casual user, but I find...
We're getting very close to not needing a PC/laptop.   My GF just got a new iPad.   Over the holidays, I revamped all her work spreadsheets from excel (Ugh!) to Numbers.   I simplified and standardized them, added formulas, made them all the same orientation, fonts, titles, added colors, etc. Made them all fit on one page. All in Numbers.   I did that on my iMac and now she has them all in iCloud (and DropBox) and on her new iPhone 5c and on her work PC (iCloud)....
New Posts  All Forums: