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I like that idea. I would like the Apple TV interface to come right up first when I switch on my TV.
Wow! I remember when iTunes was a break even portion of the business at best! Good for Apple! :)
I wish Apple would buy into one of the Sat. TV companies and just bypass the cable companies altogether!   That's probably an overly simplistic solution. But do something to shake the cable companies tree! :)   Best.
I'm sure it's a good monitor...but I like my stuff to match. I wouldn't consider a Logitech keyboard or a monitor that wasn't made by Apple.   If I was going to get a MacPro (I'm not) I'd wait till the next iteration of an Apple monitor comes out.   Best
That's right, Melotron. Yep, Paul was funny. And wasn't he great with Heartbreak Hotel? There is another video of him singing "That's Alright Mama" with Elvis' old band. Paul sounded just like Elvis...at the end one of the band members says, "Hey, that was pretty good. We should get a job, go out on the road, get a bus!" Pretty funny! :) McCartney nails it! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXdkVesppd8   (Sorry, the video and sound are a little out of sync) Yep. Thanks....
I had to read that twice...but spot on. When Russell Brand was on and Kimmel said, "Suddenly, I feel very uncool!" Or words to that effect. Very funny!  Best!
So true...it reminds me of MS desktop pictures that would ship with Windows. They were sort of good, i.e., bluey and kind of pretty but lacked the taste of Apple. Thinly disguised crap. And when you got into the OS's SW....ugh! Google can copy the "chamfered" edges, thin fonts and pretty backgrounds, but it's so obvious that it's a copy. A poor copy at that. The watch is too thick! Hello!  :) So far, Samsung, Sony, HP, MS, Nokia, BB, Google/Moto have produced crappy,...
Yep...I've been looking for a system to use with an iPad. Just to record voice and an acoustic guitar with. Then add some basic midi piano, rhythm and some other minimal multi-track guff. I just sold all of my old mics/cables/stands and the USB control that connected everything to my iMac. Too ungainly with all the cables.  I would love to have just an iPad , a wireless mic and this unit.  Best.
I don't know....but def. they were using Mac's. I would have to watch it again, but I bet they were using Logic Pro. But again, not sure.
Yep, ur very welcome! A once in a lifetime event! Glad you enjoyed it, Bro. I know from Elvis' base to the "whatever that thing was called" for the intro to Strawberry Fields. When he said, "I can see John sitting right over there in the corner!" Magical! :) The best part for me was seeing the chords for "I've Got A Feeling" song from Let it Be. I've been trying to play that song on my guitar for 30 years. B/C of that video I finally got it. (Sort of!) Best regards, Chris
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