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Agreed, Phil. I think SJ's greatest contribution to tech was "corralling" HW & SW engineers into producing great HW & SW. One only has to look at MS  (Windows & Office) and Google (Ads & lack of privacy) to see how awful it might have been. Best.
The next CEO, whoever that might be, better have the attitude that every current product and new product introduced is "Best in Class" or don't release it.   That means a complete redesign from top to bottom of Windows and Office, their mobile OS (sorry, I can't even remember what it's called). And a complete overhaul of their clickity-clack Surface. It has to be best in class. Like Google, Sony, HP, Samsung, etc., I don't think it's in their DNA.   And, unfortunately,...
Very good point, Tech. That point, in of itself, should win the argument that every child should have an iPad! :) P.S. Of course, there are many, many more points, too.  Best.
Yep, Flabingo...agree. I think the bleaching and glue used to make the books is way up there in pollution area. And there is the oil and gas used to transport books that sometime weigh more than an iPad. 
Excellent comment! Well thought out. I've said it before, everything I've read about the iPad in education from autistic children to Medical students, the iPad improves learning! :)  P.S. Your son is very fortunate! :)
Don't want to sound too cynical, "but what a surprise!"   Best.
Well, that's all I needed to hear. No Nest's for me! :) No Google, MS, Samsung, MS, Sony, LG in my home! :)   Shame, I really liked the nest.   Best.
Agreed. But, there is even a bigger market of "wannabe runners!" :)
Perhaps, paxman. :) It's a given that if Apple ends up doing a watch, they will do the basics, notifications, etc. But, if Apple brings it's special expertise to health/exercise, it could be a game changer. I think Apple could blow the fitbits, Nike watches, Garmins out of the water. As a runner, on my iPhone, I have to open the Nike+GPS app and set, open flashlight app and set to "flashing" (early morning/night), open HRM app (put on chest strap). Open podcast app or...
Yep, "Beam me up, Luke!" :)
New Posts  All Forums: