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Happened to my daughter. Got thru 2 years of college with her Sony Viao...it died. I gave her my MacBook (and a brand new 1st gen iPhone) which got her thru college and the first two years of Med School. I replaced it with a MBP. The macbook kept going and going and I sold it to get an iPad2.
I agree...All I want really from Apple is a Heart Rate Monitor on my wrist. Designed by Apple with Apple's customary top-notch software. As a distance trail runner, it is imperative I stay in a fat burning zone which is a certain heart rate (180-age). So right now, my running HR is 125BPM and my mile times are around 14'/mile (pretty slow). But, 4 months ago my times were 18'/mile at the same HR. In another 12-18 months, my HR will still be 125 but my times will be around...
Spot on. My first thought was, It's not thin enough. I agree biometrics is a key component. It's like I woke up this morning and everyone in the USA is 30-100 pounds overweight. The watch is a good try. More manufacturers should be concerned with quality (like Apple) instead of putting out plastic Googley crap products.  P.S. Did anyone see my letter to the editor in this month's MacWorld (April 2014) "Photo Power-CLH126?" I've been "published!" Yepeeeeeee! :)
I wouldn't call the 5c a flop. I love the colors, but it is heavier...Apple has always been about the "premium brand." The 5s is the only way to go! :)
Yep, I'm seeing it too, with Audi and the some of the others. F1 going to 6 cycl, etc. :) I find Jeremy Clarkson a bit boorish, but he did a very nice piece driving an Aston Martin thru the English countryside, lamenting on the dying breed of the big Astons. One of the best pieces! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q0Svvdrx_E I live in Scottsdale, AZ and when someone drives by in a Lamborghini, they really look like a tool. In a Ferrari, not so much! :) Best.
All great points! And well presented. :) Perhaps, the market you speak of was dwindling and they saw the writing on the wall. And didn't have many options except to panic and become the a crappy store you describe. Maybe they just have to go away, like Wards, Woolworths, Circuit City, CompUSA, Sears/Kmart, etc., etc.
Yep, I guess it has served it's purpose. It always felt like walking into a "Hobby" store. And then most recently, walking into a cellphone store (as people have lamented above). I get a similar ill-feeling when I walk into a BestBuy (which I rarely do anymore). All the blue/black, plasticky, crap products bring me down. I guess, I've been spoiled by the experience of shopping at the Apple Stores! For some reason, It's just a very pleasant experience and I don't mind...
I'm digg'n the carplay...but when are Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin going to get their head out of their asses and stop building 12 cycl. engines that get 12 miles to the gallon? Sheesh! We're going to have to kill more dinosaurs! :)
Man I feel guilty...   ...Is this b/c last weekend I went to RS to get a replacement pwr brick for my Ext. HD and they wanted $22 for it. I went home and got it on Amazon for $6.   Sorry.
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