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Same here! :)
It's a lot easier to "talk a good story," i.e., "consulting," than it is to design and build great category leading products. That's what IBM and now HP are doing. Consultants are brought in when executive management can't cut it... IMHO
Oops, Relic. You're a dudette! My bad. :) Best.
Hang in there, Bro! :) Best.
I take your point, Relic...and you're right. But in this case, I think Solip, makes a good point. I remember Stevo saying words to the effect, "In tech you have to be 10 years ahead and Apple is about 5 years ahead." This is around the time of the iPhone release. I think. Solip is right is not just matching a product release, but matching the sales volume, too. I hadn't thought of that.  Anyway,  Best.
Yeah, you're right, Jack. Reading is over-rated! :) Best.
I thought it odd, too, DIH.... Source: Arizona Republic Ken Colburn Founder and CEO of DataDoctors: http://www.azcentral.com/story/money/business/2014/08/06/steps-protect-russian-hackers-breach/13690497/ Best,
I have 1Password for my iMac, iPhone and iPad. I just read in the paper today, that a password such as "Ihatepasswords" is  better than "#wsyfgr59sgoa."   Oh well.
This is why I love Apple...what other company is so dedicated to constant improvement? The only one I can think of is McLaren's F1 team.   Best.
A few years ago I'd see mostly iPhones being used by people like my daughter's friends...all doctors. Now I see more regular people using them, too. And when I say "regular" people, I mean more goofballs! Go Apple! :)   Best.
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