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That's good advice. Also, my CEO father, who lived all over Europe and North America, Canada and the US said, "buy a car from the country you're living in, it's cheaper to maintain and operate." He bought English cars in England, and American cars in the USA. I've had a new Triumph Spitfire, a corvette, a VW Sciroco 240z, a miata, a prius c, Honda Crv, Honda accord, a Jeep Wrangler, a Mittsubishi Tredia and colt and  a Ford F350 dually crew cab truck, a dodge 1500 truck,...
Love it! :) Reminds of the Fedex commercial where a junior business person doesn't know were China is and ends tearing down the map off the wall to cover himself. I know pretty silly, "Bill put a pushpin in China." "Bill, you have no idea where China is do you?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHdPlPE7iOs
I love the comment "... because I consider a car to be more like a loaded gun than like a second living room."  Not only am I going to use it, I'm going to work into every conversation I can this week! :) Best.
Agreed, I didn't know Ford dumped MS. That's good but going with BB? Ugh! I stopped looking at Ford b/c of MS. I like the Volvo's a lot, especially the very stylish SUV. Problem is the gas mileage is abysmal. Right know I am only considering Japanese Hybrids (Prius line) or the Tesla but I don't like the reliance on Android. I was at my gym and started talking to a Ferrari owner. I asked, what kind of gas mileage it gets and he said, if you have to ask that, you can't...
Dude, ~40% of Americans believe Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church! :)
Good ideas, inkling. I would love to have GPS on a WiFi only iPad Mini... Best.
Funny! :)
I hear you Phil. It reminds me of how when Apple laptops passed iMacs in sales, Apple introduces the small BT keyboard for the iMac and then the MagicTrackPad. Just like the keyboard and the trackpad found on the Apple laptops. I guess, the theory was if people are using the laptops and iMacs the keyboards should be the same. (I no longer have a mouse for my iMac, only the MagicTrackPad) It took me a week to get used to the new style keyboard, but now I love it. Maybe they...
Very good! Funny, you don't strike me as a well read...
Get some sleep, bro! :)
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