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Funny. Sounds like a line from HBO's Silicone Valley show. :)
I signed up for HBO Now, and am really enjoying it. I like Bill Maher (although he can be a bit snarky at times). I watched the first season of True Detective.   But the show I'm really enjoying is Silicon Valley...it took a few episodes to like it, but it can be pretty funny. Especially, how everything at Hooli (read Google) just doesn't work, whether it's a hologram type skype or the driverless car.   Best.
Yep, Flan....80% of antibiotics (USAToday) are used on livestock. 1,850 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat. (Farreed Zakaria, GPS/CNN).
...or the cheese, sugary ketchup or the "fried" meat for that matter. :)
That is an very interesting fact. Thx. :) I used to say, sugar (i.e., processed food) caused chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation causes chronic diseases, which includes most cancers. Now I just say, "Sugar feeds cancer." A bit simplistic, I know.  Also, I think Alzheimer's and Dementia will eventually be attributed to excessive intake of sugar and be labelled Diabetes 3. Best Regards.
Sorry, I read your post on the evils of "sugar" last week and presumed you were a healthy eater.  Maybe it was someone else. :)
Loving the blue...would make a great color for the MacBook, iPhone and iPad! :)   Best.
Agreed!  P.S. Hey, Sog, how many cheeseburgers have you had this week? Just kidding, Bro. :)
Looks good to me. 
I hear you SOG....the American food manufacturers, if they could get away with it, would grind up old tires, put red food coloring on it and sell it as tomato sauce. I used to say, "Processed food = high sugar content that creates chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation creates chronic diseases." Now I just say, "Sugar feeds Cancer!" Best.
New Posts  All Forums: