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Probably not...but Google is not a company I can trust. Best.
I love just about everything Apple. When an updated iLife suite came out, I'd buy it right away and would enjoy reading about and exploring new features. I remember when their dedicated Podcast app came out, it was different than what I was used to but it was not very good and for a time I went back to iTunes and did not use the app. Now, with their improved app I'm back using it. I kind of feel the same way with the Apple Music app, just briefly looked at it and thought...
I agree with this...I don't want any Google products in my home.
Yep, Gator. Probably the best news show on TV. I like the fact that he interviews foreign journalists and foreign leaders. Rather than like most shows just interviewing other american journalists.  $1 a show on iTunes. Well worth it. Best.
I hear you z. I pay for HBO b/c of no ads. :) I never look at Hulu for that very reason. I deplore anything Google. I don't watch TV. I pay for Fareed Zakaria's GPS show via iTunes. 
I really like the gold on the iPhone, MacBook and iPads.   However, I like the size of my 4s or maybe the 5s size. I'll probably go with a blue "plastic"iPhone 5s (if it has the fingerprint security and ApplePay). And both a white and a blue band for a new AppleWatch.   If not, I'll go with a gold 6s, especially since I've learned I can run with the AppleWatch without lugging the iPhone around. :)   Best 
Funny. Sounds like a line from HBO's Silicone Valley show. :)
I signed up for HBO Now, and am really enjoying it. I like Bill Maher (although he can be a bit snarky at times). I watched the first season of True Detective.   But the show I'm really enjoying is Silicon Valley...it took a few episodes to like it, but it can be pretty funny. Especially, how everything at Hooli (read Google) just doesn't work, whether it's a hologram type skype or the driverless car.   Best.
Yep, Flan....80% of antibiotics (USAToday) are used on livestock. 1,850 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat. (Farreed Zakaria, GPS/CNN).
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