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Good to see. I'm considering a new car in the near future. I will only buy one with Apple's CarPlay....  :)     P.S. It probably won't be a Ferrari.
I'm not usually a complainer. And always give Apple the benefit of the doubt when it comes to changes. But the awhile ago they added/changed the Podcast app. And it was terrible. I'd either have duplicate podcasts that I would delete and would come back again or I'd have the podcast on my iMac and they wouldn't sync to my iPhone. I go out on a run looking fwd to a specific podcast to listen and it wouldn't be there.   I'm sure I was not setting it up correctly and part...
Agreed Eriamjh. I'm one of those you speak of. I'm working more on an original intel 20" white iMac. I got the original iPhone (now using a 4s), sold my original intel MacBook and got a second gen. iPad. I changed all my newspapers and magazines subs. to digital. My goal was to go completely mobile, i.e., iOS.  But that has changed. I was extremely impressed with Yosemite at WWDC and will most likely now go with a next gen. 27" iMac and an iPhone 6.  I sold my iPad and...
No thanks.
Same here! :)
It's a lot easier to "talk a good story," i.e., "consulting," than it is to design and build great category leading products. That's what IBM and now HP are doing. Consultants are brought in when executive management can't cut it... IMHO
Oops, Relic. You're a dudette! My bad. :) Best.
Hang in there, Bro! :) Best.
I take your point, Relic...and you're right. But in this case, I think Solip, makes a good point. I remember Stevo saying words to the effect, "In tech you have to be 10 years ahead and Apple is about 5 years ahead." This is around the time of the iPhone release. I think. Solip is right is not just matching a product release, but matching the sales volume, too. I hadn't thought of that.  Anyway,  Best.
Yeah, you're right, Jack. Reading is over-rated! :) Best.
New Posts  All Forums: