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I'm with you on that. Thank you Apple.
I hear you wizard...my 4s has a cracked screen and I think it's getting heavier! :)
I know we all know this. The 6s is going to be the same form factor with some speedier internals and better camera.   What I'm really interested in, is what happens to the 5c plastic form factor? Will the 5s go plastic, or will we get anodized aluminum colors? Will the 4s be discontinued.    I think Apple will want every iOS devise across the whole line to include ApplePay and fingerprint security.   Anyhoo...   Best.
Good for you....my daughter just got one and she loves it. 
I want a gold one! :)   Best
It looks to me that for a minimalist, whether by design (like me) or due to personal economics, one has a "mobile screen," i.e., iP6 and a super large screen - a flat screen TV at home.   For work, a MacBook/Pro that one takes to work and brings home.   I personally like working on the iPad....early on it really forced companies/web designers to up their game. Many websites/apps are easier to use on an iPad than on a desktop.   Best.     Edit: Ok, along with the...
Seven or eight years ago, I was in real estate with a brand new white iMac and iBook. Both the first generation intel white ones. They were beautiful.   However, all the real estate software/programs. i.e., MLS, Zipforms, broker's back office, etc., etc., were only available on Windows XP. And they were awful, clunky products. Just awful. They'd bring me down just having to use them.   Parallels saved the day. I was able to load it on both my Apples and load an $80...
I hear you, D. Best.
Probably not...but Google is not a company I can trust. Best.
I love just about everything Apple. When an updated iLife suite came out, I'd buy it right away and would enjoy reading about and exploring new features. I remember when their dedicated Podcast app came out, it was different than what I was used to but it was not very good and for a time I went back to iTunes and did not use the app. Now, with their improved app I'm back using it. I kind of feel the same way with the Apple Music app, just briefly looked at it and thought...
New Posts  All Forums: