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Even though some Apple apps are clumsy at times, they all have that Apple integration and ease of use that Apple is so famous for.   And although there were similar, more powerful apps available, I tend to use Apple's and just wait till Apple improves them.    The Notes update is much appreciated. I've tried Evernote and few others but they are either too "powerful" and feature rich for me to learn or they are pretty simple and don't sync to other devices.   I stayed...
I thought this podcast provided the best synopsis of WWDC by the guest (I think it was Dan on-site) of any podcast I listen too, Rebound, Clockwise, MacWorld. Just excellent.   I appreciate Dan's insights.  Especially as they relate to Apple's recent history.   Apple doesn't outline it's future plans too much, but Dan puts the recent past into context and lays out what that means for the future. I thought it fascinating.    I understand about the background noises,...
I bought the first iPod Shuffle. I thought it was so cool. All white, about the size of pack of chewing gum. I loved that thing.    Got the original iPhone and gave all my iPods, Shuffle, Nano (RED), etc. to my nieces. :)
Brilliant! As usual for Apple. :) Such attention to detail.   Best.
Will do! :)
Thanks TD. I thought as much and have been doing that. But was not positive. The other thing, as far as AppleMail, is iOS should know my "rules" that I set up on my iMac's AppleMail. Thanks for the info! :) Best.
Very appreciative of Apple's hard work and attention to detail.    Is there still no "Junk" filter on iOS AppleMail or did I miss it? :)   Best.
Me too. The USA Today site is unreadable! :)
Wow, pretty cool. I work with an android user who is very hostile towards Apple.    I told him he and the Taliban are the only one's left using Android phones. He didn't think it was funny.    I came to work one day with my ball cap on backwards and he asked me if I was going to go rob a convenience store....I told him first I was going to buy an android phone then rob a convenience store. He didn't think that was funny, either. Oh well.   Best.
I agree with that. :)
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