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Sorry, I read your post on the evils of "sugar" last week and presumed you were a healthy eater.  Maybe it was someone else. :)
Loving the blue...would make a great color for the MacBook, iPhone and iPad! :)   Best.
Agreed!  P.S. Hey, Sog, how many cheeseburgers have you had this week? Just kidding, Bro. :)
Looks good to me. 
I hear you SOG....the American food manufacturers, if they could get away with it, would grind up old tires, put red food coloring on it and sell it as tomato sauce. I used to say, "Processed food = high sugar content that creates chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation creates chronic diseases." Now I just say, "Sugar feeds Cancer!" Best.
Cool. :)
I've read bits, here and there, that iPads have increased test scores from autistic kids all the way to medical students.   I know this is a bold statement, but the iPad is most under utilized teaching tool available to the American education system. Ugh!   I made sure my daughter had a MacBook (mine) when she went off to school. Upgraded up to a MacBookPro for Med. school. Bought her the original iPhone and iPad...she now has a iPhone 6, iPad mini, and a late model...
Probably. I forgotten about that. :) I remember they always "rated" a  blue plasticky Sony VAIO over the white iBooks which I loved. They had no taste. :) It was an OK magazine if you were thinking of buying a blender or a vacuum cleaner. Best.
Very well done. And spot on. :) P.S. Don't forget Consumer Reports and its red "Harvey Balls" circle rating system. Samsung full red, iPhone half red, half white. :) Best.
Now that's funny, Quado...made me laugh out loud! :) Best!
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