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Wow, pretty cool. I work with an android user who is very hostile towards Apple.    I told him he and the Taliban are the only one's left using Android phones. He didn't think it was funny.    I came to work one day with my ball cap on backwards and he asked me if I was going to go rob a convenience store....I told him first I was going to buy an android phone then rob a convenience store. He didn't think that was funny, either. Oh well.   Best.
I agree with that. :)
Now that's funny! :) Made me smile.
Perhaps, a bit inelegant, but I second the main thrust of your sentiment. Best.
Thanks...good to know I'm not getting as neurotic as I thought I was! :) Best.
Paying for content is the way to go for me. I can't stand going to the movie theatre anymore.   People eat like donkey's. Shoveling popcorn (loudly) down their gullets slurping down their 52oz soda! :)   Where have proper manners gone?   Best.
Sorry, can't stand Skype.   If someone doesn't have an Apple device for FaceTime, I'd rather send them a Fax! :)   Apple just does everything better! :) And for the things they don't, maps, cloud storage, etc., I'll just wait for their usual successive improvements.   Even Apple's worst products still have the added advantage of seamless integration.   I remember people complaining about Apple Mail way back when and yet I loved just adding a photo directly from...
That's exactly what we're doing right now...watching a few mindless shows and a few entertaining movies and a few good documentaries.  I'm really enjoying HBO Now. Mainly b/c I'm a fan of Bill Maher. He doesn't get everything right, but he's very funny in a snarky sort of way. :) Best Regards.
I enjoy the podcast...Shane can come across as a bit snarky, but makes some excellent points.   The gentleman from Hawaii seemed a bit sleepy, but also made some good comments.   As I said I enjoyed it and imagine it must be difficult to discuss topics when one person is in Hong Kong another in Hawaii and one in the US.   Mike (I think I have that right- the gentleman from US) Does a great job acting as host and keeping the discussion going. :)   Good job,...
Fools? A bit harsh. CarPlay is what Apple is all about...less fiddling with wires, devices, ports, etc. The automobile is the ultimate mobile device and I for one will not buy a car without it. It's like saying in the early 2000's, "I'm not going to buy an iPod, I already have all my music on cassette tapes!" Ugh. Also, the CarPlay you see right now is only the first step by Apple. Try to think of the potential. Anyway, why do I even bother? :) Best.
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