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Agreed! I felt Isaacson's was not very well done.  I look fwd to reading this biography. :)
Well said! :)
Agreed. I don't want to sound unappreciative of Apple's efforts with the 6's but I'm still running a "heavy" 4s with a cracked screen just b/c of it's relatively small form factor.  I want all the latests innards of the 6 (cameras, applepay, security, etc.) but in a smaller size. Best.
Yep, wish I had hair like his, too! :)
I agree with all the above posts...what a waste of time! :)
Brilliant! :)
I'll watch this. I enjoyed the Sorkin's biography, sort of. I enjoyed the movie "Jobs," sort of.   I miss Stevo. Watching the Keynotes was one of the great joys in my life.    Best
Agreed. Me too. I'm in the market for an HR monitor for trail running and this does look like an elegant solution. But, I will wait for the AppleWatch.
I dislike everything MS...but I do like the concept of Outlook. That is to say, having email, To Do list, Contacts and Calendar all in one app sounds the way to go. Just, as usual, MS struggles on the implementation and produces and inelegant program.   I find Apple's approach of Email and Notes, Contacts separate from iCal (with it's own notes) a bit fragmented. I hardly open iCal and I never use it's Notes.   Best. 
My boss is all about Motorola, Android and windows. I hear about it everyday.  I only  buy Apple products. If Apple doesn't make it, I try not to buy it.   He is so anti-Apple. I told him today, soon only he and the Taliban will not be using iPhones. :)   Best
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